Yulin: the dog meat festival in China

Since 1990, the Yulin Festival, where dog meat is consumed, has been practiced in southern China. There are many activists who struggle every year to end this “tradition”, but the Chinese government (which observes the popularity and mediatism of such an event) does not fail to do so.

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In this news of the YourCatCareguide we show the main events and the history of the consumption of dog meat, since the Europeans and Latin Americans are not so far removed from this phenomenon: our ancestors also fed on domestic animals whether it was hunger or custom.

We will also analyze the irregularities that took place in this festival and the concept that many Asian residents have about dog meat. Keep reading about the Yulin festival in China, where you eat dog meat .

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History of dog meat consumption

We currently find dogs almost anywhere in the world. For this very reason, many people find the eating of dog meat an aberrant and monstrous act: they do not understand how man can feed on such a noble animal.

However, it is also a reality that many people have no problem in eating taboo food for other societies such as cows (a sacred animal in India), pork (forbidden in Islam and Judaism) and horse European Nordic countries). Rabbit, guinea pig, or whale are other examples of taboo food in other societies.

Assessing which animals should be part of our diet and which should not be a controversial or controversial issue is only a matter of analyzing our habits: culture and society “push” us to either side of a line of acceptance.

In which countries has dog meat been eaten?

Knowing that the ancient Aztecs fed on dog meat may seem distant and primitive, a debatable but understandable conduct at the time. But is it equally understandable to discover that this practice was attempted in the 1920s in France? Or in Switzerland in 1996? And if you used dog meat as food to mitigate the hunger

History of the Yulin Festival

The Yulin festival began to be celebrated in 1990 and its goal was to celebrate the summer solstice from 21 July. A total of 10,000 dogs are slaughtered and tasted by Asian residents and tourists. It is considered to promote the good fortune and health of those who consume it.

However, this is not the beginning of consumption of dog meat in China. Previously, during the wars that caused hunger among citizens, the government decreed that dogs should be considered a food , not a pet, and for that reason races like the shar pei were on the verge of extinction.

The present Chinese society is divided, because the consumption of dog meat has its defenders and detractors. Both sides struggle for their beliefs and opinions. The Chinese government, on the other hand, washes their hands, stating that it does not promote the event. It also claims to act forcefully in the face of the thefts and poisonings of those considered as pets.

Why is it so controversial?

Eating dog meat is a controversial, taboo or nasty subject according to the opinion of each person. Nevertheless, during the festival of Yulin investigations carried out affirm that :

  • Many dogs are mistreated before their death.
  • Many dogs are hungry and thirsty waiting to be consumed.
  • There is no sanitary control of these animals.
  • Some dogs are pets stolen from citizens.
  • It is speculated on the black market of animal traffic.

Each year the festival brings together Chinese and foreign activists, Buddhists and animal rights advocates who count on practicing the killing of dogs for their consumption. Large amounts of money are destined for rescuing dogs and even serious mutinies happen. Despite this no one seems to restrain this heinous event .

What can you do?

The practices carried out at Yulin festival horrify people from all over the world who do not hesitate to get involved to end the next festival . Public figures such as Gisele Bundchen have already called for the end of the Yulin festival to the Chinese government.

Ending the festival is impossible if the current Chinese government does not intervene, however, small actions can help to change this dramatic reality, here are some ideas:

  • Help with collecting signatures on Change.org : End the Yulin Dog Meat Food Festival .
  • Boycott Chinese skin products.
  • Join the protests that are organized throughout the festival, whether in your country or in China itself.
  • Go to China during the festival to pay for dogs that have not yet been sacrificed: organizers from all over the world flock to avoid the death of these dogs. This practice, although well-intentioned, we must remember that it encourages the continued carrying out of Yulin himself.
  • Promote the Kukur Tihar festival in defense of dog rights, a Hindu festival in Nepal.
  • Join the animal rights fight.
  • Join the vegetarian and vegan movement.

We know that it is very difficult to save them and to end the festival of Yulin, but we are doing our part spreading this information. Do you have a proposal? If you have any idea how we can help you comment and give us your opinion. Share this information with your friends!

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