Differences between hedgehog and hedgehog

Talk about hedgehog and porcupine is not the same thing, many people misuse the term to refer to the same type of animal and can not be more wrong. The hedgehog and porcupine have very noticeable differences that we will share with you.

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One of these differences lies in the spines. Both have thorns, but they are shaped and have very different characteristics. We can also speak of the size since the porcupine is larger than the hedgehog, something that can be perceived with the naked eye.

These are some of the things that characterize one species and the other, but in order to know more differences between the hedgehog and the hedgehog , we recommend you continue reading this article of the Animal Expert.

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Taxonomic differences of hedgehog and hedgehog

  • Hedgehogs or Erinaceinae , belong to the order Erinaceomorpha , which includes 16 species of hedgehogs divided into 5 different genera, which are Atelerix, Erinaceus, Hemiechinus, Mesechinus and Paraechinus .
  • The porcupine by its side is a term used to describe animals of two different families , the family Erethizontidae and the family Hystricidae , animals that live in America and in the old world, respectively. The American porcupines are the ones that most resemble the hedgehogs in their physical appearance.

In the photograph a specimen of porcupine appears.

Differences between weight and size

  • Hedgehogs are insectivorous animals that can reach up to 30 cm in length and exceed 1 kg in weight. Physically they are plump-looking animals with short legs, the tail can measure between 4 to 5 centimeters in length.
  • The porcupine on its side is a much larger animal, can measure up to 60 cm in length and 25 cm in height, doubling the size of the hedgehog. In addition they can weigh up to 15 kg, that is, 15 times more than a common hedgehog.

In the image you can see a specimen of hedgehog.

Differences in the place where they live

  • Hedgehogs are animals that can be found in Africa, Asia and Europe . Their favorite habitats are prairies, forests, savannahs, deserts and growing areas.
  • Porcupines on their side can also be found in Africa, Asia and Europe, but beyond these continents there are species in America , which is not the case with hedgehogs.

Habitats are also very similar, including deserts, savannahs, jungles and growing areas. Another difference lies in the fact that there are species of porcupine that live in trees and can do this all their lives.

In the picture you can see a porcupine climbing a tree.

Differences in food

Feeding is also different in these two animals.

  • The hedgehogs are insectivorous animals , ie that base their diet on the consumption of insects. They can eat worms, beetles, ants and other insects, they can even eat small mammals and eggs of several birds.
  • The porcupines have a vegetarian diet , they eat mainly of fruit and branches, even of bones of animals where they extract the calcium. So we can say that hedgehogs are carnivores and hedgehogs are vegetarians, thus making a big difference.

Difference of thorns

The spines are also different between these two species of animals, what they have in common is that in both animals the spines are covered by keratin , which gives them the characteristic rigidity. At sight unarmed we can see that the spines of the hedgehogs are much shorter than those of the porcupines.

There is also the difference that the spines of the porcupines are sharp and detached, in the case of the hedgehogs does not happen the same. Hedgehogs have spines evenly distributed on their back and head, in the case of the porcupine there are species that have a concentration of spines in clusters or individual spines interspersed with the hair.

Both animals curl up on their belly when they feel threatened, leaving the spines bristling. In the case of the porcupine, they move to produce a warning sound, while they can release their thorns and pierce them to their enemies.

Is it easy to distinguish between a hedgehog and a hedgehog?

After reading this article we can see that it is very easy to distinguish between a hedgehog and a hedgehog . To begin with, they are animals of different sizes, the hedgehogs being smaller. Like their thorns, since the porcupine has longer and looser spines, the hedgehogs also have evenly distributed thorns.

We can also say that if we find one of these specimens in America the more certain thing is that it is a porcupine, if we speak in the wild, however we can already find hedgehogs in urban environments as pets . As for food, now you know that the hedgehog prefers insects and the porcupine chooses more to eat fruit.

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