Yoga for dogs – Exercises and advice

In the United States, Asia and Europe are increasingly people who decide to join healthy initiatives such as Yoga , a relaxing and positive activity. In addition, pet owners also end up benefiting from this activity.

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Known as Doga, dog yoga is becoming a phenomenon. Dog yoga comes when Suzi Teitelman, a yoga teacher, watched her pets imitate her during her daily workouts. She discovered that they benefited as much as she did and that’s where dog yoga came from . Learn more about this activity for dogs, as well as some exercises and advice in this article by YourCatCareguide.

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What is Yoga for Dogs

Dog yoga or Doga consists of practicing a yoga session adapted to the company of the pet interacting with him. When practicing yoga for dogs we should not limit our breaths, balances nor should we vary the pace of exercise.

When we speak of Doga, we refer to a different experience for each practitioner since not all dogs are on the same level nor can they adapt in the same way.

Practicing yoga sessions for dogs is beneficial for you and your pet as it promotes relaxation, well-being and physical contact. It is a very recommendable practice since it diminishes certain symptoms :

  • hypersensitivity
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • phobias
  • hyperactivity

What you need to start practicing Yoga for dogs

It does not take much to start practicing yoga for dogs or Doga, the essential thing is to be with your pet. Look for a relaxed place, set it with soft music and put a video or treadmill to help you. It’s time to start!

How to start a Doga session

You should try to make the first impression of the dog positive so that the dog wants to repeat it a second time. Prepare the space and invite your dog to go and relax next to you.

Depois de estar cômodo, comece a criar um contato físico com ele, pode tocar com as mãos o lombo ou as patas. Procure uma posição cômoda que possa combinar com seu melhor amigo e tente criar um momento de silêncio e de tranquilidade. Procure seguir uma certa harmonia durante toda a sessão para que o cachorro relaxe ao máximo e consiga sentir os benefícios do yoga no seu corpo.

Create your own Doga routine

Although you can find ideas for practicing yoga for very varied dogs, the truth is that you should find the one that suits you best . Start with simple positions that include your puppy so he can accept them and then he can continue his routine with more complex ones that will benefit him.


It is not always possible, but sometimes we find dogs that like to imitate our positions . It depends on the dog and your interest in yoga.

The truth is that a very good if our dog follows our exercises, it means that it brings you benefits or at least that enjoys this activity. Anyway, it’s a great way to spend time with your pet.

If you also practice yoga with your dog post a picture below in the comments section!

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