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Tips For Preventing Feline Diabetes

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fat-gray-and-white-cat.jpgFeline diabetes is fast becoming one of the most common feline diseases in the US. The sad part is that, according to some vets, this disease is nearly completely preventable. How can you keep your cat from developing feline diabetes?

Stop Feeding Your Cat The Wrong Diet

The pet food companies encourage us to “free-feed” dry cat food. Just put it in a feeder and forget about it while your kitty has a nibble whenever he feels like it. Real easy, right?

Yep, until your kitty “suddenly” develops feline diabetes.

Dry cat food is made mostly from grains, including corn, wheat, and soy. These grains are all very high in carbohydrates. And your cat wasn’t meant to eat a high-carb diet. He’s what’s called an “obligate carnivore.”

What’s An Obligate Carnivore?
In a nutshell, your cat needs to eat meat, not grains. He’s designed to get his nutrition from protein, instead of carbs. Cats don’t even produce the enzymes needed by their bodies to break down carbs.

Cats in the wild are predators who eat other animals. As distasteful as this may be to some folks, this isn’t negotiable. Cats need a diet high in protein and low in carbs. When we insist on feeding our cats a diet exactly the opposite of what they were designed to eat, many of them, like our unfortunate friend pictured above, will inevitably develop health problems later on in life.

Is Dry Cat Food “Junk Food”?

According to Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, it is. She has been studying feline diabetes and treating diabetic cats in her veterinary practice for over 10 years. She goes so far as to say that, “Diabetes in the cat is a man-made disease, which is completely preventable by avoiding the “kitty junk-food” that is dry kibbled cat food.”

Dr. Lisa A. Pierson agrees. She points out that birds or mice, a cat’s natural diet, are less than five percent carbs. Dry cat food, which most cats eat, has a much higher carb level, at 35-50%. All those extra, unneeded carbs are stored as fat. And guess what, a fat cat is much more likely to develop feline diabetes than a cat with a normal body weight.

Dr. Pierson beleives all cats should be eating a high-quality canned food. Canned food is made up mostly of meat, which is similar to a cat’s natural diet. A plus is that the moisture level is much higher than in dry food. Why is this important?

Most cats don’t drink a lot of water because they were meant to get their water from their food. When a cat always eats dry food, he’s usually at a low level of dehydration. A cat who is dehydrated is at a much high risk of developing urinary tract infections (UTIs) or even kidney problems. UTIs and kidney problems can lead to chronic renal failure, which is a leading cause of death in older cats.

Are you beginning to understand why feeding your cat a high-quality canned food is so important? Only Natural Pet Store offers a full line of all natural, premium cat food. Use this code, CJ15, to save 5% on your first order.

But My Cat Won’t Eat Canned Food!

Stay tuned for the next article in this series, Getting Your Kitty To Eat Canned Cat Food If your cat has been eating dry cat food for a long time, he’s probably addicted to the stuff. Learn how you can help him change his dietary ways…

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