Why does not my dog ​​like to be pampered?

Some actions that may seem fun to humans can be uncomfortable for your dog, such as blowing you to your face or ears. Surely you have noticed that when you do this your pet gets angry, even being able to stay in a defensive position. If you’ve ever wondered why your dog does not like to be puffed up , in this article we’ll explain to you what your dog feels when he does this, and why not do it. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article and get to know your dog better.

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Blowing in your dog

Blowing into your dog’s face may seem like a lot of fun, but dogs do not like that much . If you think about it, it’s something you do not do to other people, even when you try to play with a baby, it also irritates you.

With this in mind and knowing that this bothers your dog, and sometimes can even try to attack it, there is no reason to continue blowing on it. The two main reasons why your dog irritates you when it blows on you are the effect it has on your sense and the discomfort it causes you.

It looks fun but it’s not …

When it blows to your dog’s face, three important organs can be affected : the nose, the eyes and the ears.

First of all, it should be remembered that the smell of your dog is one of your more developed senses, due in large part to your damp nose. Thanks to his damp nose and the millions of sensors that reside in him, the dog can detect smells at great distances, which helps him to have a very precise idea of ​​what surrounds him.

When it blows in his face his nose dry , so the dog may feel embarrassed to lose the panorama he had of what was around him, so it is common to become violent. Likewise, blowing your face may momentarily dry your eyeballs and, quite honestly, who likes to get a stream of direct air in their eyes?

Lastly, if you blow on your ears this will also be uncomfortable for him, because it is another of the senses that is much more developed than that of humans, so he perceives a very loud and uncomfortable sound.

Mutual respect

Most importantly, understand that if your puppy shows discomfort or aggression after blowing on it, it means that it bothers you and should not continue to do so .

Dogs are sensitive animals that remain loyal to their owners, creating a strong affective bond with them. The relationship of both should be based on mutual respect , and this includes respecting your dog’s space and realizing when some of his attitudes cause him discomfort.

Just as you correct unpleasant behaviors in the dog, you should also rectify habits like this to achieve a harmonious and happy coexistence.

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