Why does not my dog ​​like me to hug him?

We love our furry so much that sometimes we want to hug them as we would any other friend or relative, for them this is not as enjoyable as you might think. While for us it is a gesture of love, for the dogs it is a gesture that blocks them and causes them stress.

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Surely you have noticed that your dog tried to run away or turned his head when you tried to hug him. At that moment you must have wondered why my dog ​​does not like me to hug him ? At YourCatCareguide we will give you the information you need to know the animal behavior a little better and show you how you can embrace it without feeling stressed.

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Learn how to interpret dogs’ language

By not communicating verbally, dogs use the signs of appeasement, body postures that help them express themselves in front of other dogs, but which we as owners must also be able to interpret.

When hugs a dog it can show two or more signs of which we show you next. When they do any of these things they are saying, in their own way, that they do not like being held. The problem is that sometimes it can get to insist so much that they even bite, for that reason it is better to respect their space if they show any of these signs:

  • Lower the ears
  • Turns the muzzle
  • Avoid your look
  • Try to turn her back on her
  • Turn your body
  • Close your eyes a little
  • Lick the snout constantly
  • Try to escape
  • grow
  • Show your teeth

Is it good to hug a dog?

Psychologist Stanley Coren has published an article in Psychology Today called The Data Says “Do not Hug the Dog!” stating that effectively, dogs do not like when they are hugged . In fact he presented a series of 250 random photographs of people hugging their dogs and in 82% of them the dogs showed some sign of escape that we mentioned earlier.

Coren explained that these animals have a very rapid reaction capacity and functioning, and that they need to be able to escape running when they feel threatened or trapped. This means that when you embrace them, they feel stuck and trapped , they do not have that ability to escape if anything happens. So, your first reaction is to run and you can not do it, it is normal for some dogs to try to bite to break free.

Show affection but not stress

Dr caring for your dog is the best you can do to strengthen your bond , but doing so in a way that does not cause you fear, stress, or anxiety is one of the five freedoms of animal welfare .

You can always cherish him to relax, brush your hair or play with him to show him your love. Follow the following points to stop wondering, why does not my dog ​​like me to hug him?

  • Approach him with calamity and making gentle movements so that he does not become alert.
  • Let him see how he approaches not to be frightened.
  • Let it smell your hand, with the palm of your hand open.
  • Sit by your side quietly.
  • Practice manipulation on different parts of the body, always progressively, and assisting with rewards if necessary, so that you associate your hands with something positive.
  • Gently stroke your arm over your loin and care. They can also rub it calmly, without squeezing it.

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