Why does not my dog ​​eat if I do not have it?

Many people wonder why their pets eat when they are in the family, but when they leave home, they stop eating it. What happens in the dogs’ heads and why do some lose their appetite? This is not abnormal behavior, in fact it is more common than you can believe. Remember that feeding is the basis of canine health and part of the reflection of emotions, so again, your dog is trying to tell you something. Understanding the reason is imperative to help you and change this behavior that has become habit as it could worsen and harm your health. In this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain why your dog does not eat if you are not with him , clarifying your doubts.

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Dogs are social animals.

It is very important to note that dogs are social animals. In nature they would hunt and eat in a group , a natural behavior that also show other canids such as hyenas or wolves.

Since they are puppies, many people try to create a strong bond with their pet that even at the time of eating the puppy gets involved. Could this be your case? Has your dog accustomed to eating with you, whether in the trough or in the kitchen? For him to eat without you is not an option. He will choose any time to eat alone while you are near. And though he does not eat at the same moment, he will enjoy his presence as he does so.

In hostile territory

Many things can happen while leaving your dog at home: an alarm, a postman visit, a noisy construction, and more. While some dogs are comfortable with the idea of ​​staying alone for a few hours in a space, others are more sensitive, it is difficult for them to relax in solitude and spend most of their time alarmed at every noise, no matter how small.

They are not affected so much by their absence, but they do not feel safe in this environment and therefore can not properly protect their home. Remember that dogs are territorial animals, so this nuisance will be reflected in your lack of appetite. Your return home will make you feel more relaxed because you know you will protect him.

Does not like being without you.

One of the most common problems in dogs is the so-called separation anxiety . Basically it means that your dog does not like being away from his best human friend, so he will not eat without his presence. In this case it is not the environment, it is the absence of the person . For them it is a physiological and at the same time psychological way of expressing their frustration.

Not all dogs suffering from separation anxiety stop eating, however it is a very common scenario for loss of appetite. Some dogs that go through this separation phase can skip meals but keep eating, while others do not even come close to eating because they just do not feel like it.

However, this is not the only behavior a puppy assumes when he suffers from separation anxiety. Review the full picture: Does your puppy have other destructive behaviors when leaving home? How to dirty, break, bite and bark long? If the answer is yes, your pet could fit perfectly into this category.

So it is best to consult an ethologist, canine educator, or trainer, even though you can also start a home rehab. However, it should not be forgotten that, in the long term, it will become a serious problem, the ideal is to consult a professional.

How to help the dog eat in his absence?

Strategies to solve the problem will vary greatly depending on the reasons that cause it . Keep in mind that depending on the severity of the case, it could take from days to years for your puppy to regain his appetite for food in his absence. The process will be progressive. Modifying this type of behavior is not easy, but neither is it impossible. At YourCatCareguide we invite you to follow these simple steps:

  • Increase your dog’s confidence levels by inspiring you with safety every time you leave home, do not make a drama of your match, but do not party too. As long as you are at home and have some of the strange visiting or noise scenarios, act normally, without giving importance to these stimuli. He will learn from you.
  • Try to educate him to eat in his absence: first put a baby blanket on the door of the room with the ration, stay behind it and encourage him to eat, your dog will eat with you nearby. Practice moving away until you leave your sight for a few seconds and return. Keep increasing distances and absences.
  • Play with your dog throwing prizes from afar, then exit the panorama, go back and repeat. This will create a positive effect on your pet because you will feel that good things can happen when you are not.
  • The exercise for dogs is important in general, but for dogs suffering from separation anxiety is essential. Exercising your dog and offering him all of his attention before leaving the house is a good way to drain his energy in a positive way. Also, if you find yourself tired, you will be less aware of external noises and rest.
  • Make your environment a safe placefor your beloved pet. It should make you feel good in your absence. You can cover up the possible noises with nice music or with the TV on. Experts say that children’s television channels work very well on domestic animals. Close doors and windows to isolate noise from the outside world, but be careful with closing all air intakes, especially in summer times. Window barriers with visual barriers can also work on very nervous dogs that need more peace of mind. And finally, you can think of buying a “nest” bed to hide and shelter. As with dogs that are afraid of fireworks, those who suffer from separation anxiety will feel more protected in this place.
  • If you go out for a short time and the situation becomes heavy and you need to eat, you can leave a long recording with your voice, so that you somehow feel its presence.

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