Why does not my cat want to eat?

Sometimes we notice that our cats are inactive and then we are worried about asking ourselves: Why does not my cat want to eat? The causes that can lead to this change in our feline behavior can range from very simple to really serious, which the veterinarian should treat immediately.

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Depending on the breed of the cat, some expression clearly and clearly visible their needs, as with the Siamese , for example. So, “suffer in silence”, as with Ragdoll cats . Continue reading this article from Animal Expert, where we give you some answers that may explain why your cat does not want to eat.

Why cats do not want to eat in summer

During the summer it is well known that cats usually decrease their food intake . The heat and the fact of sleeping more hours in the fresh areas that they discover, causes that their appetite diminishes. This reaction is accentuated if the cat does not have enough water in his drinking fountain to quench his thirst.

There are races, but they are explicit in this aspect, which are not afraid to climb to the washbasin, or even to a faucet to lick it in search of precious drops of water. However, there are other less dynamic races that devote much to sleep and not to eat. Therefore, it is the seat one of the most common reasons for our cats not to eat. If this attitude repeats itself, it is a clear sign that we are not taking good care of our cat .


The intestinal hair balls called tricobezoars are the most common reason for our cat not wanting to eat. These balls, whose formation is due to the accidental ingestion of dead hair of their coat by the cat when licking themselves, are the main reason of the reduction of appetite in the cats.

To avoid the said balls of hair there are three very easy solutions. The first is a frequent brushing of the cat (especially during the moulting period). This action reduces many possibilities of tricobezoar formation. The second is to administer cat malt to our feline to avoid the formation of uncomfortable hair balls in your body.

Lastly, if we do not properly brush the cat or give it malt, and the balls are already lodged in your gut preventing proper evacuation (which causes an immediate stop in food intake), the solution will be to anoint one leg of our cat with pharmaceutical paraffin . The cat will lick the fatty area to remove the paraffin by ingesting it. Paraffin is an artificial fat that neither the stomach nor the cat’s intestines assimilate. Therefore, all the amount that enters has to leave, lubricating and dragging the intestinal tricobezoares to the outside.

If the latter solution does not work, you should immediately take your cat to the veterinarian. Your cat’s life is in danger!

Food in poor condition

Sometimes we inadvertently give our cat poor food . It usually happens with containers of fresh feed opened for hours and left out of the refrigerator, or with leftovers of our food exposed to the heat that causes fermentations and causes the insects to put their eggs in said rotten foods and can thus infect the cat with parasites.

Domestic cats, unlike many dogs, do not have their digestive system adapted to eat debris. This characteristic and the fact that they are not stupid, forces them to stop eating these crap.


A sudden stop in our cat’s food intake can be a symptom of some serious illness. Therefore the visit to the veterinarian is mandatory, since it may be the aforementioned tricobezoar, even more severe problems in the digestive apparatus that may need surgery.

On the other hand, the stress caused on the cat by some traumatic circumstance can also cause the cat not to want to eat. Change of residence, a new pet, birth or death of a family member, or the death of a pet, all of this may be the cause of stopping feeding on our sad or jealous cat.

My cat does not eat or drink

When cats, besides not eating, also do not drink, it is urgent to visit the veterinarian . The causes can be many and all serious, and even more so if the cat vomits to the water that we give with a syringe. However, the most common situations are as follows:

  • Most likely it will be a sign that our cat has been poisoned . It may have been accidental to ingest a plant treated with an insecticide (cats consume plants to purge themselves). There are also poisonous plants: azaleas, eucalyptus and many other plants are toxic . The veterinarian should treat poisoning as soon as possible.
  • Anger can also be the cause of your cat not wanting to eat or drink. Pay close attention to this problem, although it does not happen in urban settings, except that there are mice that may have bitten the cat. In felines living in rural environments the problem is more frequent. For this reason it is essential that our cats have anti-rabies vaccine, among others.
  • The ingestion of foreign objects (usually happens in very young puppies or cats), it is a frequent source of intestinal occlusions.

And to finish, the poisoning carried out by miserable people who do not deserve the nickname of humans or humans, is usually the most frequent cause of serious, irritating and painful injuries in the digestive system, which prevents the cat from eating and drinking.

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