Why does not chicken fly?

Despite the broad wings, chickens can not fly in the same way as other birds. Surely you’ve wondered why this happens.

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In fact, it is easy to explain why chickens are so bad at flying: it is related to their physiognomy. If you liked to know why chicken does not fly , keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide.

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Chickens do not fly?

The chickens are too heavy for their wing size. Their muscles are too heavy which makes it very difficult to take off for the flight.

The wild hen ( Gallus gallus ), a bird native to India, China and south-west Asia, is the closest ancestor we have to domestic or domesticated chicken ( Gallus gallus domesticus ) domesticated more than 8,000 years ago. Unlike the wild chicken, which manages to fly small distances , the domestic chicken barely gets up from the ground. For this reason, we can say that the hen does not fly because her ancestor was not flying either. But man’s intervention only made matters worse for the chicken in this sense.

It was through genetic selection that the man was selecting chickens as they are today, in order to fill the dishes more. Thus, we can say that chickens are not a natural species, since they are not what they are today through natural selection, but because of the “artificial selection” made by Man. In the case of “meat hens,” they were selected not for what is most beneficial to them but rather for them to have more muscles, since that means more meat. This overweight of chickens and their very rapid growth not only prevents them from flying, but also has many associated problems , such as joint and leg problems.

Sometimes, chickens can have a weight ratio that is more adequate to the size of the wings, which allows them to fly small distances . However, the distance and height they can fly are so small that it is easy to keep them with a small fence so they do not escape.

In the picture, you can see the evolution of the meat chicken over the years, through genetic selection, selected to increase its growth in less time and with less food.

Laying hen flies?

On the other hand, laying hens were not selected to have more muscles like the ones in the previous image, but to give more eggs. Laying hens can reach up to 300 eggs a year , unlike wild hens that lay between 12 and 20 eggs per year.

Although this selection does not significantly affect the flight capacity of these chickens (they are able to fly and fly small distances), there are other associated problems, such as the loss of calcium from exaggerated egg production, which is often associated with lack of exercise due to the exploitation animals, in spaces that do not allow them to move as they should.

Chickens are intelligent

Although they have limited flying capabilities, chickens have many attributes that most people are unaware of. They are very intelligent animals with logical reasoning abilities , as we told you in our article with the names of chickens .

The personality of the chickens, their behavior and the fact that they are very sociable animals, make more and more people start looking at these beings in a different way. Many people even have chickens like pet and some chickens even relate to animals of other species, being good friends!

Do you have a chicken that is sociable with beings of other species? Share with us images in comments!

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