Why does my dog ​​smell bad?

First of all we must have something very clear, although we like perfumes and colonies we should get used to the idea that a dog smells like a dog . They emit odorous secretions with a particular odor that are very necessary to communicate with other dogs.

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The areas that smell the worst are the ears, the anus and the pads of the feet, that is, sometimes a simple brushing or a bath can solve the problem.

Other times the smell becomes unbearable and may be accompanied by other problems that are a symptom of some disease. If you have ever wondered why my dog ​​stinks in this Animal Expert article we will give you the answer.

Anal glands

Why does my dog ​​stink and drag my tail so hard on the floor? This is because your dog may have a problem in his anal glands and so it emits that unpleasant scent. These glands are pouches located on both sides of the anus that expel a greasy and very odorous liquid, which serve to facilitate the expulsion of the feces and to communicate between them.

Sometimes, when this liquid does not drain well and accumulates, it can emit a more intense and unpleasant odor , besides causing pain to the animal and even infections. You will notice how your dog drags its tail insistently and licks this region to calm the pain. It is important that you know how to treat the inflamed anal glands to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Oral hygiene

Like people, dogs should have proper oral hygiene to avoid problems. When this task is not carried out the dog may have halitosis caused by the accumulation of tartar and may even have an infection.

Bad breath can also be a symptom of other more serious problems such as diabetes or gastrointestinal problems, among others. If you want to know more about why your dog has bad breath keep browsing the Animal Expert.


The canine otitis is a very common disease and is readily detectable, either because the dog feels uncomfortable and tries to calm scratching his ear insistently or shaking constantly. In addition, your ears will be redder than normal and may show a lot of wax and even pus discharge.

When you begin to notice odor in your ears means that the otitis is very advanced . It is important not to get to this point and treat it earlier to avoid more serious problems, such as deafness.

Skin infections

Often the smell of the dog, as we have said, is normal but sometimes gets very intense. However our furry friend does not have a ear infection and has a correct oral hygiene, so why does my dog ​​smell bad? The answer may be some skin disease you’ve never noticed.

Some bacterial infections or allergies can provoke a strong smell and in addition we can realize that the dog has discomforts like burning and itching. If you believe there may be a problem with your dog’s skin, do not hesitate to visit the veterinarian as soon as possible.


Sometimes it’s not about our dog smelling bad, but about the fact that he has a lot of flatulence . This can be caused by poor diet or by some stomach or intestinal problem. If our dog releases too many puns it is important to medicate him so that the accumulation of gases does not cause him a gastric twist.


Puppies should be bathed at least once a month to be clean and healthy. In addition, you should brush it regularly to eliminate dust and dirt that can cause stench. Remember that an embarrassed and full of us grabs better the substances that cause that unpleasant stench .

However, remember that although you love the dog to smell the shampoo, you should not give it too much bath. Unless it is an exaggerated odor you do not have to worry, it is the natural smell of the dog!

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