Why does my dog ​​ride stuffed animals?

There are many uncomfortable behaviors that our animals perform, such as when the dog mounts other dogs, legs, toys or stuffed animals. But what happens when we have a bitch who rides a stuffed animal?

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Not to mention if one of the chosen is some stuffed animal of their children. How can we explain to you that this behavior bothers us and may not be the most appropriate in a work-at-home meeting where the situation is still much more embarrassing.

But why does this happen? Why can a bitch want to ride a stuffed animal? These are behaviors that we can usually observe but do not always understand. In this article of YourCatCareguide we will try to clarify all your doubts and explain to you the strange behavior of your dog. Find out right away why your dog rides stuffed animals .

Causes of Riding in the Dog

Until we reach the age of sexual maturity , we can observe both females and males performing the same mating behaviors, this can occur between the first and second year of life. We could say that it is “physiological” and that it tends to diminish and even disappear when they begin their adult life.

Not everything is sex, there are different causes to which we can attribute this behavior to our little ones. Without knowing the exact circumstances by which this behavior may be occurring, whether by the family environment or your lifestyle, it will be difficult to determine the cause of the mating, however we will give you a list of causes that may be influencing:

  • Stress or anxiety : is the main cause in most cases, especially in a situation that the dog can not control. It can happen by forcing you some training you do not want and even forcing you to certain things. It can also generate stress the lack of walks, unwanted visits, a negative encounter with another dog and even an excessive discussion. In these cases it is like a response to situations that cause you a lot of stress. It is very important to know how to identify the signs of stress in the dog to help you overcome this difficult time.
  • Games and fun : sometimes it is only a game associated with the high level of excitement that the activity causes. Remember that hyperactive or overexcited dogs should use toys to help them relax, such as dog kong , an excellent and highly recommended toy.
  • Dominance : We believe this is a fashionable subject between owners and veterinarians. We often attribute these behaviors to the fact that the dog is trying to dominate the “pack” of his home, the park, or the environment in which he moves. Sometimes this is normal, especially in families where there are more than one animal at home or in groups of canine friends that come on a daily basis. But the riding of our dog on a toy or a human leg, in our view, is not by dominance , surely there is another alternative that responds better to this.
  • Sexual : we leave this subject to last, since it is the most common and we often forget this fact or try to seek another cause before a purely sexual demonstration. This occurs in both males and females, castrated or uncastrated. We must understand that it is a normal and natural behavior that should not cause discomfort or discomfort.

Why bother us so much?

  • Modesty
  • Out of control
  • Insecurity
  • Fear of obsession
  • Stress

What to do?

We may be facing a disease without knowing it, so we recommend that you go to your veterinarian and tell him what is happening. We can be faced with:

  • Changes in estrogen levels (in females) or testosterone (in males).
  • Urinary, vaginal or anal sac infections. We can observe that he frequently licks the affected area.
  • Tumor of a sticker (in the penis) or squamous cell in the female

With regard to behavior , we should note that bitches who lived in a refuge or spent their holidays in a canine hotel on their way home start with these behaviors. This may be due to poor socialization or excessive stress in the face of a situation they can not control. Faced with these cases of stress we can help her with a positive reinforcement through training or more walks in the park. They can also help homeopathy, Bach flower and reiki, which relieve stress and help you find the best path to healing. In these cases you should consult an ideal veterinarian in the subject.

When it has become habitual , especially in houses with many dogs, where the one who tries to dominate the pack has this frequent behavior, we must review our behavior before this episode. If we have a dog who gets a leg or a stuffed animal gets laughter and applause, he will continue to do that and it will be harder to stop him. You should consult a professional, such as an ethologist or canine educator, in case you can not handle it.

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