Why does my dog ​​ride other dogs?

This scenario is not uncommon for people who live with dogs. There are dogs that are more likely than others to do this, to the point of shaming the owner himself.

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Seeing how your dog chases another male dog trying to mount it, causes almost the same shame as seeing how you want to ride the leg of a neighbor, an unknown person or your grandmother. It is not a pleasant moment, but we must understand that it is not always a sexual impulse on the part of the dog, although sometimes it is.

To get your doubts about this topic, in the ExpertAnimal we will explain to you the different reasons that explain why your dog rides other dogs .

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The dog mounts by dominance

When dogs live in packs, there is always an alpha dog . If there is any moment of rebellion in the group, the dominant dog with force or intimidation calms the situation. The losing dog accepts the upper hierarchy of the alpha male, placing the loin on the ground while separating the paws and exposing his genitals to the winner. This is a sign of acceptance of the upper hierarchy of the alpha male.

Adult dogs often do this with humans upon arrival in a new home. It is a symbol of good education on the part of the dog and a sign that it does not question and accept its authority. Among the wolves there is also an identical symbology.

Sometimes, in places where dogs that do not live together are concentrated , in a few minutes the dogs must solve the hierarchy’s theme, although this is ephemeral, because on another day the winner will encounter bigger and stronger dogs and lose his command.

A caninly civilized way of showing superiority without resorting to fights and bites, is that of one male mounting another . Often it is the larger dog that gets it, but it is not strange that a small dog tries to mount the large paw’s rear paw. In this case, the small dog is either age or temperament, discusses supremacy with the large dog.

The human reaction

In the cases described above, dog owners try and succeed in stopping the ceremony by keeping their dogs away from performing these scenes in public. In case this situation occurs several times, the dog “fitter” leaves its owner or owner ashamed, because as they say: dogs resemble their owners.

However, in these situations for dogs is a simple canine protocol that does not want to scandalize anyone, just make clear who in the canine group of that casual encounter.

Ride jumping

Among “adolescent” dogs, this mating blends the primary theme of domination with an onset of latent sexuality . It is the equivalent of observing young brothers of litters of tigers or lions, involved in fights in which a strong bite or scratch occurs. This is useful training for a near future in which things will be more serious. Young dogs “adestram” their sexuality.

Sexual montage

When an adult male dog has never had intercourse with a bitch , there comes a time when he is overwhelmed. For this reason, sometimes it can be indifferent for him to try to sex with a dog than with a dog.

It’s not so strange to watch dogs riding their toys, their cushions, and even the sofa. It’s normal. The dog just tries to relieve his sexual desire. This is one of the reasons why your dog rides other dogs.

Animal sexuality

Humans are not the only living beings who engage in sex for pleasure. Dolphins, chimpanzees, and among other animals, dogs also enjoy sex without any breeding purpose . And it is not strange that animals of the same gender engage in sex with each other.

Should these practices be tolerated among our pets? It all depends on every situation and circumstance. For example, in my view, never in the presence of children. Another adverse circumstance is when one dog is much larger than the other and can be hurt by it.

In both cases you should say a firm “No”, followed by separation in different rooms of both dogs, so will adequately resolve the situation.

What should I do if my dog ​​does not stop assembling other dogs?

Although a priori is a funny act to which we should not give too much importance, it is important to be able to assess well the situation in which it occurs and the repercussions that this act may have. Riding puppies frequently can generate fights . It can also be an indicator of stress , nervousness and anxiety. Ignoring this behavior can lead to a noticeable increase in the mating habit in the dog.

The ideal is to submit the dog to castration , an option that has many advantages, both in terms of behavior and health. Consult your veterinarian about any questions that arise about this canine habit.

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