Why does my dog ​​lick the urine of other dogs?

The natural behavior of dogs is something that never ceases to amaze us. It is no wonder that if you have recently noticed your dog licking urine, ask yourself why it does and most importantly if it affects your health.

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Remember that many of the behaviors that we consider unpleasant are in fact positive habits for the dog, which in addition have a concrete goal, as in this case.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain to you the causes of this behavior, which must be taken into account to protect your health and we will clarify the doubt of why your dog licks the urine of other dogs . Keep reading!

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Why do they lick urine?

Jacobson’s organ is responsible for analyzing large molecules, such as pheromones and other compounds. This plays a crucial role in hunting, breeding, perceiving fear, or social relationships in dogs. It is a fundamental organ to know information relative to other dogs like their feeding, sex or estral cycle of a dog .

If you watch your dog lick urine while savoring it, pressing its tongue against the palate and raising its muzzle, you are probably using the vomeronasal organ to receive extra information from a dog in the area. This is a natural behavior, proper to your instinct, so you should not berate your dog if you lick the urine of other dogs.

The vomeronasal organ also exists in cats and is responsible for them opening their mouth when they smell something .

Does it have any negative effects on your health?

According to ethologists and other professionals in canine behavior, allowing the dog to smell and to know the environment is a totally positive routine that any owner should respect. Through the use of your senses, the dog relaxes and eliminates stress, something very positive for your well-being .

As for health, it is important to understand that if your dog followed the vetting scheduleindicated by the veterinarian, as well as regular deworming , it is unlikely to get sick . However, sick dogs or those who have a weak immune system are more likely to be infected by some virus or infection. So be careful and avoid direct contact.

Now you realize that allowing your dog to lick the urine of other dogs is not a bad thing, but in some situations it is not ideal. Whatever your final decision, it is very important that before this behavior avoid reprimanding your friend, since it is a natural canine behavior and it must be respected.

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