Why does my dog ​​cry when it is alone?

Sometimes when we leave the house to go to work or to go and do a simple message, the dogs get very sad and start to cry, but do you know why this happens? Dogs are social animals and do not feel well spending the day alone.

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In addition to crying, some dogs when they are alone tend to bite and make small debris in the house. In this article of YourCatCareguide we will give you some advice to prevent this from happening and teach you how to manage your solitude.

Keep reading and find out why my dog ​​cries when alone .

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Why does your dog cry when you leave?

Like its closest relatives, the wolves, the dog is a social animal that in nature lives in a pack. Even though we are in a house, the dog feels that we are part of this social circle and when we leave and be completely alone the dog is usually alone and in very extreme cases suffer from the known separation anxiety .

This is due to an excess of attachment that the dog has with us before the fear that feels of not returning to him. On the contrary, a mentally healthy dog ​​is capable of managing your loneliness and learning not to cry when you walk away. What you can do? Keep reading.

Teach you how to manage solitude

It is very important that your puppy learn to be alone so as not to be stressed and can stay entertained whenever you leave. Separation anxiety or simply crying is a negative attitude that is not desired in any living being.

The first step in teaching the dog how to manage solitude and being alone is to leave it with different toys so that the pet begins to enjoy being alone, entertaining itself:

  • intelligence games
  • bones
  • toys
  • bitters

The most appropriate tool is undoubtedly kong, which treats separation anxiety effectively. Do not know how it works? It is a totally safe and reliable toy in which it introduces pâté or dry ration inside. The animal can not put the whole mouth inside the kong, reason why it will put the language little by little to take off the food.

It is not a simple activity, the puppy will need a lot of time to remove all the food from the toy and this will make him feel entertained and occupied for longer. This is a widely used trick around the world including in refuges, where dogs suffer from the lack of emotional stability they need.

Other advice to prevent the dog from crying

Besides the use of kong and the various toys that should be distributed around the area where the dog will stay, there are other tricks that can work (or at least help) in this very complicated time:

  • A comfortable , warm and background noise environment will make you feel comfortable and secure. Leave a radio or clock to make a loud noise so you do not feel complete alone.
  • Always walk around before you leave to feel tired and to sleep when you leave, you can even think about practicing active exercise with your pet.
  • Give him or her food before leaving and always after the walk, never before, to avoid a possible gastric twist .
  • Adopting another dog from a shelter so that both interact and relate can be the best remedy of all. In addition, take time to the presentations between both so that the adoption is a success and become the best friends.
  • A comfortable bed and even a cave-like one will also help him to be more comfortable passing this moment alone.

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