Why does my dog ​​bite my tail?

The dogs express a multitude of things with their body. You must have noticed how they communicate very well when they want to “say” something: they shake their tail , their ears, change positions and many other things to make us understand what they want. But the truth is that sometimes there are gestures or behaviors that are complicated for us to understand.

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As an example of this, it may be that you have ever seen your dog looking very interested at the tail, chasing it and beginning to bite it without stopping. And you may have wondered why you do this and what you are trying to communicate with this behavior.

At YourCatCareguide we want to help you to better understand your faithful friend and to offer you possible solutions to your health and behavior problems through our articles. So to clear your question of why my dog ​​bites his ass , keep reading this article and find the most common reasons for your dog to behave like that.

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Health problems that lead the dog to bite his tail

When you see your dog bite its tail, the first thing you should see is whether it’s illness or physical problems . To know why your dog bites his tail should discard some of these health problems:

  • External Parasites : It is possible that the dog has fleas or ticks in this area of ​​the tail and is trying to get rid of them and the itch they cause with bites. Be sure to wipe your dog out and in internally at the intervals indicated in each case to avoid skin problems and other diseases.
  • Wounds : Especially when your friend is a great explorer, you may return from the walk with a few wounds to the skin. Check your skin and body after every walk so you can make sure there are no wounds and if you have, you can heal them. Of course if you have a wound on the tail, it will turn to reach the area of ​​the itch and try to lick and bite, is normal, but we must prevent it from infesting and helping.
  • Anal Glands : When the anal glands are not emptied as often as they should they can cause various problems ranging from inflammation to cysts and other diseases. This will cause great discomfort and pain in your dog in the anus and at the base of the tail. For this reason, you will not hesitate to try to scratch to relieve yourself and you will see how it bites the tail. What you should do is take it to the vet to examine the glands and empty or cure them depending on the severity of the problem.
  • Skin problems : You may be biting your tail and other parts of your body due to some skin diseases such as fungus, scabies or allergies. Again, the best you can do is to check the skin in the areas that come which bites and scratches and talk to your veterinarian to see what the problem is and solve it quickly.
  • Herniated discs and other spinal problems : Puppies may also suffer from problems along the spine such as osteoarthritis, which can occur in all joints of the dog’s body including the spine, and the herniated discs . It should be noted that the dog suffering from any of these problems will notice a pain or tingling in the affected area. If, for example, the problem is developing in the tail, the bottom, or the lumbar, you will see how it rotates to see this part and bite it.

These are the main physical health issues that can make the dog bite your ass. We recommend that, in the event of any symptoms or malaise that your faithful companion presents, consult your veterinarian to perform the necessary tests and to indicate the appropriate treatment.

A joke

It may be that your dog chasing and biting his ass is a simple joke . But this will only be the case if you have never seen him do it or if you have done it a few times too far throughout his life and there has been a change in his character. Also, before you think it is an entertainment, you should make sure that the problems mentioned in the previous point are not really the cause of it being biting the tail.

It may have been simply very annoying for hours and in the end have opted for this game. This is not really the most common , since if you start this way once, if you do not understand the cause and if you do not correct yourself as soon as possible, it will soon become a problem of serious behavior. For this reason, if you see your dog doing this, which is a first step to a behavioral and mental health problem , do not berate him, you should start inviting him to do other activities and try not to get bored or long alone.

A behavioral and mental health problem

What is more frequent, is that a dog bite the tail for a problem of behavior and mental health . What starts as a “simple joke” soon becomes a serious problem difficult to correct if not detected in time.

A dog will begin to chase the tail until it is grabbed and bitten, even in severe situations it can even cause injuries and mutilate itself, due to a case of lack of socialization, boredom and abandonment on the part of those who are responsible for it. It is typical of dogs that spend their lives locked or tied in the same place. In the end, like time, you should write energy and be distracted as you can and this is one of the most common ways to do it. This is one of the most common causes of a dog biting its tail.

This type of repetitive behavior is used as a way of escape, is known as stereotypy and can suffer from all types of animals that are closed or tied, whether in zoos, animal refuges or private homes. But, it is possible that this problem of biting the tail, happen with your dog and you think that you do not have conditions as more as those just mentioned. But the truth is that a dog can suffer from stereotypy without being in such extreme conditions. If so, you should think about what you are not doing right with your mental health, since you are likely to be lacking exercise, routine, socializing with other dogs and animals, among other things, and being highly stressed .

If you see that your dog bites his tail compulsively and has already ruled out physical health problems, you should consult an ethologist specialist to help you improve your partner’s quality of life and solve the problem. Remember that, like everything else related to health, the sooner you diagnose the problem and start solving it, the better your recovery prognosis.

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