Why does my dog ​​bite my paws?

Most of the time, a dog licks and bites its paws because something is bothering him or because it hurts him. Other times it may be a reaction to some type of anxiety or some medical condition.

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The reasons are diverse, however it is important to solve this problem as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming a continuous and even obsessive behavior and the dog to hurt itself.

If your dog has this kind of behavior, keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide in which we will explain why your dog bites its paws . If your dog has other strange behavior, explain everything in the comments we will try to help you.


Although dogs also sneeze, allergic reactions are one of the reasons why dogs can bite their paws, in fact, is one of the most common reasons . The problem is not in your dog’s paws, but in your nose and ears. Your dog may be reacting to an allergy or ear infection.

Your dog will chew on his paws due to allergies to elements that inhale, such as dust, mold and pollen and often react on the skin causing itching. For example, the well-known hay fever is an infectious disease whose main symptom is the increase in body temperature. The dog could not only bite his paws but also scratch his armpits, rub his face and ears.

The problem is that scratching too hard can lead to skin infections with bacteria, which will make the itching worse. In addition, animals, such as people, may have contact dermatitis due to exposure and contact with chemicals such as soaps or pesticides not suitable for the dog’s delicate skin. This usually results in atopic dermatitis.

What if my dog ​​suffers from allergies?

The first thing you should do is to consult a veterinarian to perform a thorough examination to rule out parasites, fleas, ticks and infections that may be causing itching and therefore feel like biting your paws. After this disposal, you should do allergy testing . If an allergy is diagnosed, the veterinarian will prescribe some treatment that usually begins with antihistamines, which provide relief from the itching. The veterinarian will also indicate symptomatic treatments of medicinal baths, ointments or sprays and oral fatty acid supplements.

Remove any chemicals from the home areas your dog has access to. Also, educate yourself to stay away from the garden until the chemicals are completely eliminated.

Dry skin

Having dry skin can be as uncomfortable for a dog as it is for a human being, it causes itching and the skin gets irritated and this can be one of the reasons why you have the desire and the need to bite your paws to get rid of the sensation of dryness . While a balanced diet of a dog that contains fatty acids helps to moisturize and protect your skin, the lack of this moisturizing source could be a cause of dryness. The dry air that comes with the winter season also causes cracks and dryness in the skin.

One of the most basic solutions to moisturize your dog’s skin is to feed him with excellent food that contains a balanced formula of vitamins and minerals including fatty acids.

Also, every time you bathe (which is important not to be followed), apply special moisturizing shampoo to get better production of the skin’s natural fat layer, remember that bathing in a row helps remove this natural fat which is much needed for the bodily health of your pet.

Other reasons for the dog to bite the paws

Other reasons for a dog to bite its paws may be:

  • It can be a reaction to something from the moment that is bothering you or hurting you. An insect bite, a sore, a broken or chipped nail or something may have been left inside it and may be trying to remove it, etc. Examine your paws for any injuries. If you notice that your wound is infected, the solution is to go to the vet to give you a treatment and then put on an Elizabethan necklace to keep your mouth away from the legs. If on the contrary, have something on your pillows, remove the object and put an antiseptic on the wound. If it is too complicated and your dog complains too much and does not allow him to touch his paws, it will be best to take him to the vet.
  • Puppies with stress, anxiety or just plain bored can have harmful and obsessive behaviors like licking their paws . And if the situation is more complex, it can cause acral dermatitis by licking. Do not leave him alone for many hours, spend time with your dog and when you start biting yourself try to redirect your attention to your favorite toy or game. The use of the Elizabethan necklace is also recommended in this case.

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This article is purely informative, in YourCatCareguide.com.br we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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