Why does my cat tear so much?

Although cats can also feel sadness and pain, the cause of their tears are not feelings . Often we see our cats with an excessive tearing and we do not know if it is normal or not.

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Usually it is not a matter of concern and cleaning the eyes a little we solve the problem, but depending on the color of the tears, the state of the eye and the duration of the tear we can know what is happening with our cat and how we should act.

If you’ve ever wondered ” cat tearing, what can it be? ” And do not know the cause or how to act, keep reading this article from Animal Expert in which we explain to you what may be happening to your little friend.

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Foreign object in the eye

If your cat’s tears are clear and you see that your eye is healthy, that is, it is not red and there does not seem to be any ulcer, there may simply be something inside the eye that is irritating you like a grain of dust or one hair. The eye will try to eject the foreign object naturally causing an excess of tears.

What do I have to do? This type of tear usually does not need treatment, let the eye itself get rid of the strange element. If you want you can dry the tears that fall with a soft and absorbing paper, but nothing more.

In case the problem persists for more than a day you should take it to the vet, since this type of tear should last only a couple of hours.

Lacrimal blocked or epiphora

The tear canal is a tube located at one end of the eye that causes tears to flow to the nose. When it is blocked there is an excess of tears that fall on the face. With hair and the constant moisture produced by tearing, it causes hair irritations and infections .

The tear can be blocked by different problems such as infection, eyelashes that grow inside or some scratch. In addition, cats with the flattened nose are prone to undergo epiphora, such as the Persians. This problem usually causes blackening of the area and the appearance of a crust around the eye.

What do I have to do? In most cases no treatment is necessary, since the cat can live perfectly with the blocked lacrimal, unless you have vision problems. In such a case the cat must be taken to the veterinarian so that the veterinarian can decide what to do. If it was caused by an infection, the tears will be yellowed and the professional will be the one who will decide whether or not to administer antibiotics or anti-inflammatories. When it comes to an eyelash that is growing inward you need to remove it through a very simple surgical procedure.


Cats can suffer allergies , just like people. And, likewise, they can happen by anything, be it dust, pollen, etc. In addition to some symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and itching in the nose, among others, allergy also causes ocular secretion.

What do I have to do? If you believe that the source of your cat’s tearing may be an allergy and you do not know what to do, you should take it to the veterinarian for the corresponding tests.


If your cat’s tearing is yellowish or greenish indicates that there are some complications that are more difficult to treat . Although it may be simply an allergy or a cold, it is often a symptom of an infection.

What do I have to do? At times we get scared and we keep asking ourselves why my cat cries out of my eyes. You must remain calm, remove from your surroundings anything that may irritate your eyes and take you to the veterinarian to decide whether you need antibiotics or not.

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