Why does my cat hide when people come?

Cats are animals that love to hide , although they do not always do it for fun or in search of tranquility. There are some situations that may bother your cat, including causing stress, such as the arrival of strangers at home.

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It will not always be possible to know why the cat hides when someone new arrives, especially if your cat has been adopted, but there are ways to help him overcome fear, stress and even encourage him to meet new people, always respecting the emotional well-being and ensuring that a positive presentation is made. In this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain why the cat hides when people come and we will indicate some guidelines that you can apply yourself. Keep reading!

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Why do cats hide?

Although they are especially sociable, all cats hide from time to time in search of tranquility. That is why we recommend that the feline has a safe area to go to whenever you need to take shelter, a private place where no one bothers you.

Nevertheless, there are other causes that can cause a cat to hide:

  • Socialization : when the cat is still a puppy, it goes through a critical period of socialization. This period begins around one month of life and ends when he turns three months. At this stage, the kitten relates to his mother and siblings, learns how to relate to other cats, learns how his relationship with humans, other animals and everything around him should be.
  • Trauma : A trauma can cause the cat to become fearful of people. Sometimes it is due to a small detail almost imperceptible to us. The feline can develop fear in relation to a single person, a group of people or all human beings.
  • Stress : A change, the arrival of a baby or the departure of a relative can cause our best friend to suffer from stress. If there has been a change in your cat’s daily life, watch it closely and see if it shows any signs of stress .
  • Two cats : if you live with two cats, we recommend that you ensure that there is no problem of coexistence between them. To do this, ensure that each of them has its own resources (toys, feeder, water fountain, sandbox …).
  • Other : There are many other causes that can cause the cat to hide, an illness or something that causes him pain, for example. Another possibility are the psychological or hormonal disorders that may be the cause of an anomalous behavior.

To find out why your cat is hiding, you should watch it carefully and notice the body languageit displays at all times, even when there are no other people present. This will help you to really understand what your cat’s personality is like and what things he likes best, as well as things that displease or frighten your little one. By being more attentive to his behavior, you can more easily detect if there is any disease, presence of parasites or something that is bothering you. You may find, for example, that your cat is afraid of plastic sound, male voice, or excessive noise (fairly common fears of cats).

Cat hidden in the closet – what do you do to get him out?

When our cat hides, for example in the closet, we should not bother him . On the contrary, we must offer something to help you hide. The fact that he is able to take refuge allows to lower the levels of stress and the cat feels better. Some cats prefer to go to the closet, others hide inside drawers or even under the bed.

You must act with normality, trying not to make unnecessary noises that can frighten the cat, nor to constantly call for it to come. The goal is for the cat to go out on its own because it feels safe in your home.

How to get a cat out of hiding?

Reviewing the 5 freedoms of animal welfare is critical before you start working on socializing your cat with people. Remember that in some cases it may take time, you have to be patient.

The goal is to get your cat to associate people with something positive and for this the YourCatCareguide has some advice:

  • Whenever home visitors arrive, leave a feeder with a little pate or home-cooked food in the room where it is usually hidden.
  • If he comes out of hiding when you approach his safety zone, you should reward him immediately with a piece of something he likes.
  • Consider purchasing synthetic pheromones for cats, a product that secretes calming substances, which helps the cat feel better. We recommend that you look for those who have scientific studies that prove their effectiveness.
  • Improve the welfare of the cat by taking care of his health, feeding, playing with him and making him not feel alone. This will help to increase your affective bond, making him feel more secure when you are present.
  • Mentally stimulate the feline with intelligence toys or food dispensing toys. With this type of activity, your feline will be much more willing to do new things and will be more adventurous.

Following these tips, you will observe the most active and curious cat , which will make it easier to reinforce the positive behaviors that may happen: come to the room, smell one of the guests or let you pet him in the presence of strangers.

It is not just a matter of offering a tasty prize: a warmth and a sharper word, can also please the feline and make him feel appreciated.

At the beginning of this process, we can reinforce few things because the cat is inhibited but over time, it will be easier to observe that new behaviors appear. It’s a time consuming process , but if you do not force your best friend and get him to earn his trust , there’s a good chance that the day will come when he does not hide when someone comes to visit the house.

In more severe cases, for example when the cat suffers from a phobia or a sensory deprivation syndrome, it will be indicated to go to an ethologist, a veterinarian specializing in animal behavior and feline psychology.

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