Why does my cat follow me all the time?

If you are a proud owner or owner of a feline, you have certainly wondered why your cat follows you all the time . It is common for those people who have a good bond with your cat to see you running after them everywhere, regardless of whether they go to the bedroom, the kitchen or even the bathroom!

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In principle, this behavior seems strange, because it is still believed that cats are more independent beings who do not like to be with humans, but in this article of YourCatCareguide may find that is completely false. Keep reading!

You are his home port.

When they are puppies, the kittens follow their mother everywhere, in this way they learn everything from her and at the same time they feel more secure. Many owners, although the cat is an adult, maintain a paternal-filial relationship with him, just as his mother would : feeding him, cleaning his box, treating him, motivating him to play and give affection.

Precisely for this reason it is not surprising that your cat follows you all the time to all sides. Being away from your mother and children, the cat needs a safe base on which to support and that is you. Know that you will be protected and all your needs are guaranteed. This, of course, will be reciprocated with your unconditional love and company.

Likes to see you

It is very common for “indoor cats” to become bored easily by not being able to engage in hunting and holding activities that caters to most cats. That being the case, when the cat feels very bored he may find in the task of following him a fantastic stimulus.

Also, if you spend many hours a day away from home it is very likely that when you return what your cat most wants to be with you, even if it means following you everywhere. If you believe it shows several symptoms of a bored cat , do not doubt it and start spending more time with it.

You are patrolling your territory

In nature, part of the daily activities of cats is to return to the spaces that consider their territory, both to spread their scent and to chase away intruders. If you notice that you constantly rub against the furniture and even against you, no doubt your cat is patrolling and marking the territory.

Being in a closed house or an apartment, the cat may not behave as it would have in the wild, but when you notice that you have wandered around the house you can interpret it as if you were also watching over the territory, mission. As if that were not enough, cats are routine , so if you already have this habit of following you all the time it is normal for you to keep doing it.

Need your help

Normally, cats prefer to hide when they feel some discomfort or pain, adopting a silent and hostile attitude if it tries to approach. However, some cats do quite the opposite, resorting to you with insistent teasing if something hurts them, since they feel you can help.

Likewise, sometimes street cats chase after strangers, especially if they already have cats at home. Maybe something in your scent tells you that they will be okay with you and that they can be part of your “group”. Or maybe they just want some food, water a simple affection. Cats without a home suffer a lot on the streets, with no one to look after them and are exposed to cold, hunger, and unscrupulous people trying to hurt them.

Are you kidding?

The playtime is very important for cats, especially if it involves chase and catch prey. A cat in freedom is able to hunt several prey per day, not necessarily to feed them but for fun and because this indicates their hunter instinct.

Of course, this situation changes when you have a cat that does not have access to the outside, but the cat is still in need of stimulation that includes persecution, since this instinct does not cancel even if all your needs are well covered.

Therefore, it is normal for a cat that does not have the stimulus to release this energy to try to hunt birds that approach the window or to chase you around the house, and even “ambush” you in some corner, waiting for it to “attack “your legs, for example. This way not only obeys your instinct, but also has fun with you.

If you are one of those who would rather not let your cat surprise you in these “ambushes”, we recommend that you buy toys that you can play with and spend time with. And remember, do not hesitate to consult our article on the best toys for cats .

They love being with you!

Contrary to what is believed, the cat really likes to spend time with his human family , since they fill him and love, caresses and pampering, who can be indifferent to it? Over the years cats are more and more sociable, so they love this with you everywhere, which means following you all the time to see what you are doing.

In addition, if you follow, you will know when you lie down or sit down to do something, and it will be your chance to lie down next to you and take a nap along with your favorite person.

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