Why does my cat hate me so much?

The meowing is the way cats have to communicate with us, to get our attention and try to tell us that they need something. In this article by YourCatCareguide we want to give you the answer to this question and help you identify the cause that causes your furry companion to not stop tearing.

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Most of the time, listening to our pet and trying to understand it may be the key to identifying an illness, condition or inadequate care on our part. Keep reading and find out why your cat will feed me so much to start solving this issue as soon as possible and get a happy and balanced animal.

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The cub and meows

When we separate a cat’s cub from his mother and his siblings, it is likely that he will often come during the early days of our home. It does not because it is not being well taken care of, the reason for this behavior is much simpler. Since her birth the kitten is accustomed to mew when it is separated from its mother so that it can find it quickly.

When he adopts it, he experiences the same sense of separation and, therefore, resorts to the meow to call his mother. In order for this separation to be as hard as possible and the small one to develop properly, the most recommended is for the cats to remain with their mother until they are two months old.

You see, the fact that a puppy mews in the early days when it is with us is totally normal. In this sense, what you should do is try to have your little companion adapt to your new life as soon as possible, providing you with the basic care you need and offering you all your affection. But do not spoil it, because to get a feline happy, healthy and balanced, you do not have to give him all the whimsy you want. You must educate him.

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A mewling pup at various times of the day when we have just adopted it is completely normal, but when it is an adult feline to do so you should stop to listen to it, observe and try to understand why you are mewing.

If you see that your cat has started to cry very suddenly, the first thing you should do is see if you are doing it because you feel some kind of pain . To do this, you will have to gently touch every area of ​​your body and see what your reaction, if you complain when you touch a certain part will have found the answer and should go immediately to the veterinarian. On the other hand, whenever you witness a blow or fall, although it appears to have no physical damage, there may be internal consequences that can be serious or mild. Therefore, it is so important to take your pet to the vet as soon as the blow occurs. In most cases, internal damage usually occurs within days of the coup.

If after touching your cat he does not react but continues to mew, you should observe all his movements and behaviors to analyze if he presents other symptoms, such as lack of appetite, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea , loss of hair , etc. If you experience any other symptoms, your cat may suffer from a condition that only a specialist can diagnose and treat.

Stressed by stress

Just as dogs emit different types of barking depending on what they mean by them, cats also have several meows depending on the cause that is causing them. Tried to take your cat to the vet and he started to do a strong, severe and long meow ? This is the typical reaction of a cat that is suffering from stress.

Whenever you identify this type of meowing, it means that your feline is stressed for some reason and therefore you should treat it immediately. For this, the first thing you should do is identify the cause that is causing you this stress. Once identified, you should resolve it. It should be borne in mind that cats are animals that need a space or chant of their own that they can use to feel protected and safe when they feel threatened, afraid or simply want to unplug and relax. If your furry companion does not have it, it will be crucial to look for one or see which place in your home you like best to establish your space there.

Does the cat spend much time alone?

Um dos principais sintomas da ansiedade em gatos é o miado. Se o seu felino passa muitas horas sozinho em casa, o aborrecimento e, no geral, a solidão podem desenvolver nele um estado de ansiedade que deve ser tratado de imediato. Normalmente, os miados excessivos costumam estar acompanhados de outros problemas de comportamento, como arranhar móveis o hiperatividade.

We tend to believe that cats being more independent than dogs do not need our attention and care much. But this is not so. In addition to water, food, and a clean litter box, they need fun and exercise. More than for lack of affection, the feline suffers from anxiety when he spends much time alone because he is bored and needs entertainment. So it is normal for you to behave badly or very badly.

What to do if my cat mia for anxiety?

To resolve this situation, we must make sure that we leave enough space at home to move freely when we are not at home. You have to get a scraper and toys to be able to enjoy yourself without your presence, let yourself have access to a window to see the exterior and reduce your feeling of being closed and therefore spend a little more time playing with it . We advise you to use a specialist to examine your cat in person and to recommend the best indications to follow to treat your anxiety.

Mia, why do you want food?

It may seem like a simple question, but does your cat eat everything you need? It is possible that your feline will become hungry with the daily amount of food it gives you and much more to ask for more food. Depending on your weight and size, you should provide a specific amount of feed you should check on the food packaging or ask the veterinarian.

If you already give him the amount you need and still see that your cat mia much, you should review the type of food that gives you. Feeding of the cat should be based on the combination of dry ration with moist and, as far as possible, homemade diets. For more information, see our article in which we tell you all about feline feeding .

If your pet does not like the food it gives you, or is tired of always receiving the same feed, it is likely that you will stop eating and order another type of food through the meows. In these cases, felines usually mew near the food container, refrigerator or place where they keep the prizes and treats it gives.

Glad to see you

It is through meowing, caressing and in some cases licking , that cats greet us when they come to us . Although hard to believe, cats can also be very affectionate, showing us that they are happy with us and that they are happy with our presence. So it might be that I’m a lot when we get home after we’ve been away, like when they wake up from a long nap or when we walk past them in the hallway.

What to do? You must return this greeting with a show of affection, which may be a gentle caress or a tender touch. We do not want you to understand that getting a good heart is good and that you can do it without any reason, we just want you to realize that we are happy to see you too. That is why it will not take an over-the-top attitude on our part.

Want to get their attention

As you can see, not all the motives that give the answer to the question of why my cat misreads so much are negative. When we see that our feline does not suffer from any disease, it provides him with the most adequate diet for him, he does not suffer from anxiety and not only when he sees us, but also in other situations, he is more likely to simply call our own because we do not give you the time you need .

As we mentioned in the previous points, cats also need to pay attention and take time to play with them to burn the energy accumulated during the day. In addition to reducing meowing, we will get a happy, healthy, balanced pet and we will strengthen our bond with it.

Adopted a street cat?

If you have just adopted a street cat and you notice that you are very close to me every time you approach, you have visitors at home, you hear some strange noise, etc., you probably do it because you feel threatened and constantly on the defensive. Bear in mind that for a long time you have been exposed to all kinds of hazards, you may have had a fight with other cats, or someone else may have hurt you. In these cases, felines who believe they are in danger emit identical meows to a loud , loud, sharp, and long cry .

Gata no cio

When the cats are in the heat period , they emit very long, high and high meows so that the cats come to it and can reproduce. In general, when they are at this stage they tend to present a more loving attitude than normal, rubbing themselves on the ground to relieve their instinct and even cry.

To calm her down during this time, you should give her more attention , give her more affection than usual and play a lot with him. If you do not want her to reproduce, then be careful and close all windows and doors at home to prevent her from running away or street cats coming into your house.

Your cat got older

When cats reach old age they usually mew for no reason, making a long, serious sound. They can do it in any space of home and any time of day. However, to make sure that your feline is in perfect condition, in the YourCatCareguide we recommend that you increase periodic visits to the veterinarian.

On the other hand, keep in mind that an older cat does not need the same care as a young cat. If you are not providing it, it is likely that meowing will increase and your health will be impaired.

If your cat cries too much, do not ignore it

As you see, there are many causes for your cat to be mewing so much . Some of them refer to serious health reasons that need the help of a veterinarian to diagnose the disease and start the best treatment. In either case, ignorance should never be the solution. Paying attention to our feline can be the key to identifying a disease in time, treating a mental disorder that can only get worse, realizing that we were not giving you the right food or realizing that we do not offer all the care we need.

In addition, you should never resort to violence to correct behavior. With this act the only thing that will achieve is that your cat is afraid of itself and increases the intensity of meows. As we refer to throughout the article, the most advisable is to find the cause that causes them and treat it.

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