Why does my cat drool a lot?

The excessive production of saliva is called drooling , both in cats as in other mammals. Sometimes it is simply a personality trait of the feline, but it is quite unusual.

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A cat that bathes is a sign of alarm to its owners, especially when it comes to a behavior that had never manifested, so it reveals that something is not right with your little friend. Keep reading this article to find out why your cat drool a lot .

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Ingested poison

A cat poisoned or intoxicated drool in most cases and if this is the reason the cat should be taken to the vet immediately. Cats are at risk of poisoning by mistake, especially when they have access to the outdoors, whether they search the trash, consume the flesh of a poisoned animal or, unfortunately, there is a malicious person in the vicinity.

However, indoors there are also risks, such as intoxication with cleaning products or hygiene, that at all times should remain as far away from the cat as possible.

The pipettes and other anti-flea and tick treatments that apply in the body to the animal produce a similar effect if the cat decides to lick that part of the body. In either case, saliva is usually thick and thick, and may even appear as a foam. If you suspect a poisoning of the catimmediately call a professional and never make him vomit if he does not know what substance he ingested. Sanitary water, for example, can cause caustic burns if you force vomit.

Is sick

It is possible that the drool is the consequence of some disease and that produces vomiting or nausea in your cat, which accelerates the salivation. If this happens frequently (a few days, several times on the same day), it indicates a problem that needs to be answered quickly. If, on the contrary, the drool appears after the expulsion of a ball of hair , for example, something sporadic, should not worry.

You are stressed

We already know that stress in cats is an important trigger of several diseases , especially when associated with certain situations that are unpleasant, such as an unexpected visit to the veterinarian.

Among the symptoms that could indicate that your cat is experiencing a stress situation are excessive and uncontrolled drool. Because? When something causes excessive fear or nervousness to the cat, your neurological system sends a series of response orders as a shield against this situation that it is not able to control and this can be expressed in the form of drool.

Effect of a medicine

Anyone who has a cat at home knows how complicated it is to medicate a cat, especially when the medicine comes in the form of syrup. If your kitten is one of these, then surely you will see him drool all over the house after the dose of your treatment , accompanying with “hateful” looks to you, as you would expect.

Usually this drool disappears after a time, since it is caused by the displeasure that the drugcauses in the animal and by the fact that it forced him to take this medicine. However, if you notice that it persists, you may be intoxicated and need to be seen by a veterinarian.

Something wrong with your mouth.

The dental health of your cat is very important, something that often is often neglected. Things like cavities, an infection in the tongue or gums, tumors, ulcers and sores in the mouth , trauma to the jaws, etc., give rise to an excessive drool that comes accompanied by bad smell, unusual colors like red or green in saliva, between others.

On the other hand, it is also possible that there is some object stuck in the cat’s teeth or buccal cavity, whether something that has hunted by itself, or even chicken bones or pimples. That is why it is always recommended to offer meat without any bone.

She loves being with you!

Although not very common, some cats drool for the pure pleasure that produces certain situations that they love, like receiving affection and pampering from their owners. When this is the reason for the drool, it is usually present since the animal is young.

A cat that likes catnip or cat herb can drool when it perceives its scent, and even when it feels like it is about to receive its favorite food . These behaviors, although rare. it is possible that they present themselves, making the felines a little more like us.

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