Why do dogs spin around before bed?

In YourCatCareguide we know that if your dog is your best friend, you will surely have fun not only sharing moments with him, but also find funny and curious many of the things that he does, because sometimes they have certain behaviors that are intriguing to beings humans.

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Despite all the centuries that have passed in the process of domestication, the dog still retains behaviors proper of his instinct, which shows in his daily routine. One of these behaviors is what sometimes makes you wonder why the dogs spin around before bedtime . To clarify your doubt, continue reading this article!

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Dogs go for safety and instinct

The dogs still retain many habits from their ancient ancestors, the wolves, so it is normal to see them performing actions related to certain behaviors that are more related to wildlife than to the comfortable existence in human houses. In this sense, your dog may be circling before bed as a way of remembering the need to detect any insect or wild animal that may be hiding in the earth and that could attack him by surprise.

In addition, the idea of ​​giving circles is also to flatten the space a bit compared to the rest of the terrain, as this creates a kind of hole in which the dog can protect his chest and thus his vital organs. This also allows you to determine in which direction the wind is , because if you are in a hot climate you will sleep with the wind blowing towards your nose as a way to stay cool. While living in a cold climate will prefer to do so with the wind blowing to your back as a way to conserve the heat coming from your own breath.

On the other hand, giving circles in the place where you want to sleep also allows you to spread your scent in the place and mark your territory , telling others that this space already has owner, while at the same time it is easier for the dog to locate his place rest again.

For convenience

Just like you, your dog also wants to rest in the most comfortable and comfortable position possible, so it is normal to try to flatten the surface on which you want to sleep with your paws, to have a softer bed . No matter how comfortable the bed you’ve purchased for him, your gut will get you wanting to do it yourself, so it’s no wonder you see your dog spinning before bedtime. In addition, you can also see your dog scratching your bed , for this very reason.

When to worry?

Although walking around in the sleeping area is normal for the dog, it is also true that if it becomes an obsessive attitude , in which your dog does not lie down, it may be due to some concern he feels or a feeling of stress. We recommend that you consult your veterinarian so that you can determine the root cause of the problem and resolve it in time, as well as consult our article on obsessive dog disorders to find the answer to the question of why your dog is spinning before bedtime.

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