Why do dogs scratch their beds before bed?

How many times have you seen your dog scratching the bed when you go to bed and wondered why you do it? This behavior, although it may seem strange or compulsive, has its explanations.

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In general, this attitude comes from their primary instincts, techniques that the wolves use to mark their territory or regulate the temperature. However, it can also be a sign of anxiety or other problems.

If you’ve ever wondered why dogs scratch their beds before bed , keep reading this Animal Expert article where we give you the answers so you can better understand the habits of your bigeye friend.

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Mark the territory

This is an instinctive custom that comes from the wolf, the cousin away from the dogs. You should know that dogs like to mark their territory with urine, just as they like to do it with their bed. In the pads of their paws have glands that emit a special and unique odor, this way, when scratching the bed they spread their scent and the other dogs can recognize to whom this place belongs.

Nail damage

One of the reasons why dogs scratch their beds before bedtime may be simply because their nails are too long and are just trying to find anything to clean them. To solve it, simply keep our pet’s nails short, cutting them ourselves, and if you do not know how to do it, you should go to the services of a veterinarian.

Release energy

How much of the dogs do not exercise enough can scratch the bed to release the accumulated energy . However, this is a sign of anxiety, since our little friends need to run and expend energy . We must be careful as this can trigger physical and psychological problems in the dog.

Regular at temperature

This is also an instinctive custom, have you ever noticed how the dogs, when they are in the field, scratch the earth and lie in a hole? It is a way to stay fresh in regions where it is hot, and warm in areas where it is cold. They take this same custom to bed, scratching it before sleeping to try to regulate body temperature.


This is the most obvious answer to the question why dogs scratch their beds before bed. Like people, they like to adjust their cushions to make them more comfortable before they sleep. It’s your way to rearrange where you sleep to be as comfortable as possible. In this article we teach you to make a dog walk step by step so that you scratch what you want and sleep comfortable and to your liking.

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