Why do dogs like to sleep on their feet?

You may even have spent a fair amount of money and time looking for the best and most comfortable bed for your dog, but he insists on sleeping at his feet. Any chance your best friend finds and goes right to your feet. This is a very funny habit and at the same time cute, but why does it happen?

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The dogs are expected to be very affectionate and faithful animals, who want to be always by their side and find any way to demonstrate it. Over the years, these creatures have filled the hearts of Man with unconditional affection and companionship. We know that our pets are always there, present with their sweet looks and canine empathy.

If you want to know a little bit more about the lives of our best friends, keep reading this article from Animal Expert and find out why dogs like to sleep on their feet ?

Together with you

It’s very simple. Dogs love to sleep in “group” and the tighter they are, the better. If you take him into the house and give him a good track and lots of love, your dog will consider you as family, or rather the leader of the pack and for that reason will try to sleep as close to you as you can.

The dogs are willing, as often as necessary, to show their loyalty and presence. Instinctively the fact of sleeping at their feet, for them, is a demonstration of mutual protection. He feels that he is taking care of him and at the same time that he is taking care of you, as if they were a battle team. This is a very common trend in dogs and totally normal . What happens is that our dogs do not care much for uncomfortable positions, even if it is for long periods of time, as long as they are close to us it is okay.

The dogs love to sleep. If it were for them they would sleep all day and it would be better if they could do so at the feet of their human friend. Sleeping for them is just as enjoyable as going out for a walk. Our pets can sleep for several hours. However, the dogs are not overly demanding as far as the place is concerned, so much so that you can perfectly ignore and give up your bed if your feet are free and let you sleep there.

A matter of love, not of comfort

It can not be avoided, and if it’s a little uncomfortable for you, you’d better find a way to get used to it because this is a natural predisposition that comes from generation to generation and is part of the essence of your dog. We can say it’s inside your DNA.

Sleeping at the feet of a person may not be the best place or place to take a nap, however, it is not a habit that can put the health of the owner at risk , nor the dog. Your pet will not mind if your sleep is interrupted with your movements or with comfort, and you may even feel some pain in your muscles after staying too long in an uncomfortable position. Remember, you are your dog’s favorite person, the one he needs to protect you at all times .

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