Why do dogs lick?

If you have a dog or have already interacted with someone, you know they have a tendency to lick. But what does it mean?

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Dogs have a limited communication system and therefore use body language as they can to show their emotions and feelings to tutors. In this article you will discover that dogs lick for many reasons, not only to show their love and affection (something we find lovely, of course!).

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Different meanings of dogs’ licks

There are several reasons that lead the dog to lick you without stopping, expressing your affection and love for you:

  • Like you: Like humans, dogs show affection and tenderness by kissing who they love, return the kiss!
  • Fear: A careful and weak lick can represent fear, fear or submission when accompanied by ears or low tail. He shows loyalty so you do not scold him.
  • Hunger: If you see your dog licking its nose excessively while opening its mouth, it means your pet is hungry. It all starts with the puppy phase, where the puppies lick their mouths to ask Mom to regurgitate the food.
  • Clean: Dogs are usually clean animals. The mother washes her offspring as soon as they are born and continues until they reach maturity. At this stage, dogs lick each other to show affection.
  • Search Contact: If after lick you you offer a fondness, the dog will interpret the lick as a way to get pampered.
  • Explore: It is common for a dog to lick something it does not know as a method of investigation. Do not forget that the smell of the dog is much more developed than the human. In some cases, the fact that dogs lick owners may be an indication that they are suffering from an illness.
  • Caution: If you find yourself sick or if he just wants to go for a walk, it is normal for the dog to catch your eye with a lame pat over the face.
  • Lick the air: In this case, your dog is trying to reassure you and ask you to trust him.
  • Excessive licking: Your dog is restless, nervous or may feel like vomiting.

Do not forget that the dog’s body language is very extensive. We guarantee that if you strive to understand it, it may leave you astonished. Continue browsing the YourCatCareguide to find out everything about pets and create a unique relationship with your dog.

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