Why dogs howl

The howling of the dogs is one of the most primary characteristics of these animals that reminds us inevitably of their ancestors, the wolves. Most of the time the howling of our dog is inexplicable, we do not know why the animal reacts in this way nor what it takes to make these sounds. However, there are some common causes for this reaction, so in YourCatCareguide we will explain to you in detail why dogs howl and when it comes to something to which they should pay attention.

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To draw attention and communicate

The adorable dogs we know today descend from the wolves, their character and their physical appearance has been changing over the centuries thanks to the domestication of man, yet both animals still share many primitive characteristics such as the need to live in packs or howls .

In this way, one of the reasons why the dog howls is to communicate with its pack or with other dogs, in the same way that the wolves do . It is a warning sound in which it indicates to the other dogs that are there, that this is their territory, but at the same time it is a basic form to catch the attention of its pack, that is, of its owners.

When a dog howls it may be wanting to get your attention the same way it does when barking, especially if every time it makes this noise you will comfort it. The dog knows that if his owner howls will give him attention, so some dogs use it as a form of manipulation when barking or crying do not work.

Howl for anxiety

How many times have you heard a dog howl while its owners are not home? This way of communicating is as common for some animals as excessive barking when alone, and it is a way in which the dog manifests that he feels anxious to be alone and separated from its owner.

Separation anxiety is a major problem in many pets, which suffer extremely when their owners leave them alone to go eg work. This translates into behavior that can be destructive, biting furniture and objects, or in which the animal spends all day barking and howling to try to communicate with the absent sleep.

Leaving your puppy with suitable toys to amuse himself in his absence , and taking him to walk around and play with him at least twice a day is critical to reducing anxiety to the maximum and giving your pet the quality of life he deserves. Do not forget that dogs need activity to burn energy and be healthy physically and mentally.

In response to another sound

Have you noticed that many times when a siren plays your dog howls ? This also happens with alarms and with certain strong or treble sounds, and it is not a coincidence. Everything is due to the acute and sensitive ear of these animals that is capable of capturing frequencies that we humans can not.

Given these sounds so particular that the animal identifies with a sound identical to that of a howl, it seems that the pet can do nothing else than respond or imitate these sounds . The researchers are not clear why it happens, however they believe it is due to the way in which the animal interprets these frequencies.

Howl for pain

This is perhaps one of the points that you should pay attention to, if your puppy suffers from a blow, some fall or injury and starts to howl constantly , it is very likely that he is injured and has some injury. In this case it is important to take the animal to a veterinarian for an immediate review.

Likewise, if you notice that your dog is weak, apathetic, has stopped eating or has unusual and unusual behavior that is accompanied by howling, it is advisable to have a medical checkup to rule out any illness.

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