Why do cats throw things down?

Anyone who shares your life with a cat has already happened to you. Being quietly doing something and suddenly your cat tossed to the floor what you had left on the table. But why do cats throw things down ? Is it simply to irritate us? To get our attention?

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you the reasons for this behavior so normal in felines but still continue to see as something strange. Keep reading!

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This disturbs me

Cats wander wherever they like and find something in the middle of their path that prevents them from passing will throw it on the ground to clear their way , this avoidance of objects is not with them. This usually happens especially if the cat is overweight, since it will give you more work to move or jump and soon to start neither thought to try.

I’m so bored, I’m going to throw this out of here.

If your cat is bored because he does not release all the energy he has playing and exercising, he is likely to want to destroy his home. In addition to scratching and climbing on all sides, he is most likely to decide to study the law of gravity by throwing everything he finds that is likely to be knocked over, simply to entertain.

I’m here! Give me attention!

Yes, it’s a bit of a weird way to catch your eye, but knocking things out is pretty normal when your cat wants something from you . Why do cats throw things down? Because among the many forms that have to attract your attention, every time you drop something you will soon see what happened, so it may be the most effective way to call you.

How to prevent my cat from throwing things on the floor?

Depending on the cause by which you throw things on the floor, you can do one or another thing. If the cat knocks down everything you find as you walk through your home, the best thing you can do is to remove everything from the places where you go. For example, one always passes over the table, let the path clear so that it can pass and so that there is nothing in the middle that it can overturn. And of course, if your cat is overweight, you should follow an exercise routine and take care of your diet to lose weight.

If the problem is boredom , you have to get bored and play with it. It can leave you more toysand even prepare a space for your own games to distract yourself, such as a scraper since they can spend hours entertained and in addition you can hang things to have more fun. However do not forget that cats need someone to play in if it can not be you, maybe it’s time to adopt a best friend for your cat.

If the problem comes from the wake-up call, we have to be very clear that “NO” will not do us any good, and besides, he will get what he wants: to pay attention to him.

If you see your cat knocking over while you stare expecting your reaction, do not scold him and continue what he was doing. You should ignore this type of behavior, but on the other hand, you should spend more time with it when you behave well. In addition to generating a stronger bond between you, your cat will learn that when you misbehave you can not get what you want and in the long run you will stop. Be very careful, since if you ignore it at the beginning you can become more insistent. A behavior that will wipe out the days.

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