Why do cats smell?

Among all the reactions that cats have one that catches our attention and even causes us a certain alarm is the snorting. The truth is that this is more than a reaction, it’s a message they give us through their feline language.

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Cats will blow and growl when they feel disturbed, threatened or out of control. This does not happen by chance, because they only do it when they feel the presence of some problem. They can even and although you do not represent a real threat, snort and growl at you. It’s totally normal, it’s the way your cat has to ask you not to approach him at that moment and to stand in a position of alertness like him. He is telling you “we are in defensive mode”.

However, there are other reasons for your cat to snort. That’s why we invite you to read the following article by YourCatCareguide to know why cats smell .

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A warning

One reason cats cheep is to warn that something is not to their liking or that they feel unhappy . His state of mood is altered, and although his reaction is to approach him or even to rebuke him, it is best to stay a little away.

If you approach even if your cat is snorting, you may get scratched or bitten. Cats are very territorial animals. You may also be advising that the place you are in is your space and that anyone approaching you should do so with respect, respecting the limits.

Too much external information

Cats love to chase and catch birds. It is said that the blowing of cats can be an imitation of birds singing to attract them. If your cat is snorting it may be that he is very close and that he is seeing through the window another animal like squirrels, birds, mice or objects that move and he / she has all his interest in that element or is afraid of that presence.

My territory

As we mentioned before, cats are territorial creatures, they like to have their space and feel that they own and own themselves, so it sometimes costs them to share. Likewise, they are very sensitive to sudden changes. If you brought home a new animal companion this is a great opportunity for your cat to chew quite a bit, as it will feel like an offense and will be your way of expressing your discontent . This could even end in fights until the limits are established.

You can also blow when you notice the scent of a street cat when it passes close to home. It is important to take into account that uncastrated male cats when they are almost fighting with another buff with more intensity and volume, communicating their displeasure by the presence of the other.

They feel pain

If your cat blows and is apprehensive when he is going to cuddle or try to get up normally, he is very docile and affectionate, he may feel pain in some part of his body and the handling is affecting him. The feline can also intuit that it will catch him, so it can advance his intentions by snorting and snarling. Be very careful and watch the way you approach. Study these reactions on your pet and if this happens more than three times the same day, we advise you to take it to the vet for a thorough review.

It should be borne in mind that a cat snorting does not mean that it is an aggressive animal or with this tendency. Behind aggressive behavior is always hidden insecurity, anxiety, pain or discomfort (whether psychological or physical) and fear of unknown and possibly dangerous situations that represent some threat to him and even to the family.

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