Why do cats smell our noses?

Feline behavior

Felines have a much more sensitive sense of smell than humans, and various odors can provoke unwanted reactions. And even though they do not like excessive affection, they are very loving and love being close to their guardians . Some tutors are worried and have difficulty understanding their cats’ behavior and some habits like following the tutor everywhere , so you need to learn a little about feline body language .

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Cats that smell our noses?

Cats are communicative and participatory with both humans and pets like dogs and other cats, just be patient and know how to introduce it to a house where there are other pets. It is a mistake to think that felines are treacherous. It is very important to know their body language and to understand that they act on instinct. It is important to maintain the bond with them, when they rub their snouts and their face in the face of the people they are rubbing their oronasal glands and their molars they only do this in objects or people that they like very much, this for them is synonymous of affection, love and affection.

Why do cats smell the tutor’s mouth?

Cats have several communication channels , the main ones being smell, hearing and sight. When cats want to explore the environment in a friendly way and get to know the human, they use these senses, that is when cats smell the mouth of the tutor they are trying to get closer, become familiar with the smell of the tutor, build ties.

The cat when it is in order to socialize it keeps the ears raised and relaxed, with the mouth and mustache relaxed and the tail raised and walks quietly until the human.

Why do cats lick tutors?

When they lick it also means that they are socializing, this should be viewed positively, they are showing that they want to approach and interact with their tutors and insert them into their group. Even because for the licking felines is considered as natural, in addition to be related to marking of territory this attitude is related to the behavior that they still had puppies when they were licked daily by their mothers.

Licking are gestures of affection , licking is a form of great expressiveness of affection of cats with their tutors. Just like the touch, they want to touch their owners and get their attention, and say they need their presence. Stress and anxiety may be related in some cases, it is necessary to be attentive if the licks are compulsively in them or even in other cats, as they can be considered as stereotyped behavior generated by the change of environment or difficulty of adaptation with other cats or disorders emotions.

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Why do cats bite their tutors?

Usually cats bite their tutors to play, this is a sign that they are taking care of their owners. A mild bite should not be viewed badly they may just be amused, but sometimes they may be annoyed or upset. As already mentioned felines do not like excessive contact and sometimes to get rid of something that bothers them or that annoy them they bite in a harder way, it is as if it were a request for the person to leave him alone.

It is always good to emphasize that when this happens the tutor should give space to the cat, stop bothering him, can even reprimand the cat, speaking firmly, but never punish him, after all that was the form of communication he used to say that I did not like the kind of contact.

Ideally, you should offer toys for when your cat wants to play tricks that involve biting. You should never encourage your cat to play with his hands because he does not understand that he can not bite them. When your cat starts to want to bite, offer a toy that he can bite at will.

Above all, play with your cat, learn to recognize his language and let him know you better. Cats are incredible beings and excellent friends of man!

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