Why do cats like to sleep on their feet? – 5 reasons!

We all know that almost all cats like to sleep with their owners . There are several reasons for this behavior. If you have a feline as a companion at home, it is important that you know these reasons.

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If you’ve ever wondered why cats like to sleep on their feet and would like to know the reasons for this feline habit, read this YourCatCareguide article to see why cats like to sleep so much with people they live with!

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Reason # 1: A matter of survival

Adult people weighing less than 40 kg are rare. Assuming that the average weight of an adult cat is between 3 and 4 kg (except Maine coon , Ashera and other large and heavy breeds), this means that our cats are sleeping with a being that weighs at least 10 to 13 times more than him.

Consequently, since cats are extremely intelligent and intend to survive the sudden nocturnal laps of the sleeping human next to him, it is obvious that he places himself in a place where the weight of the human is lighter and he is more likely to escape. That is, choose to sleep next to our feet.

This habit of placing themselves near the corporal ends (head or feet), arises when the cats are already adults. When they were still puppies, they preferred to be close to the breast of the person with whom they slept. In this way, they felt the beating of the heart that reminded them of the nursing stage when they slept with their mother.

After being accidentally “crushed” on one occasion by the human companion turning at night, the cats conclude that it is less dangerous to sleep at the height of the head or feet.

Reason # 2: Protection

Cats are aware that when they sleep they are less alert. For this reason, if they sleep with the tutor and suddenly hear something suspicious, do not hesitate to wake up their favorite human to warn of danger and to protect each other . Another characteristic of cats is the fact that they like sleeping with their backs against something. In this way, they ensure that your back is protected and you feel safer.

Reason # 3: The alarm clock and the routine

How many of us have happened to run out of battery on the phone and not ring the alarm clock? It has probably happened to millions of humans on earth.

Fortunately, if our cat is on call at our feet, as soon as we realize that we are not waking up, it will run to our face and rub and mew until we wake up once and for all.

Cats are very organized beings who like routine and hate unpleasant surprises. For this reason, they try to wake us up to ensure that we face our usual daily journey. On the other hand, if he sees you stayed in bed because he’s sick, he will not hesitate to stay with you all day to keep you company.

Reason # 4: They belong to the same social group

Cats are territorial, exclusive and sociable .

Their territory is our home, to the last corner. For this reason, since they are puppies, they are dedicated to patrol and explore our home to the smallest corner. It is normal for animals to know their space perfectly. In the case of cats, they are perfectly aware that this is their territory.

In a family with several members, the most common is that the cat likes all people. However, there will always be one preferred for which the cat will be more affectionate than the others. It is with this person that the cat goes to sleep, close to the feet.

The sociability of the cat is revealed by his affectionate and affectionate attitude towards all members of the family, who are his social group. That is why well-educated cats (most are) show empathy with all members of the family. The cat plays, lets them cuddle and communicates with everyone in the house. He may even doze off beside someone on the couch or lie on top of Grandma’s legs while she watches television. But sleeping at the foot of the bed will be exclusively with the human with whom you feel most secure .

Reason # 5: Cats are very territorial

We believe that cats sleep at our feet because they love us and need our company. In some cases that’s the reason. But in reality, it is we who sleep on the four legs of the cataccording to the feline mentality. We dwell in their territory and he distinguishes us from other humans by letting us sleep next to him, we are the chosen ones.

In addition to the cats asking us to sleep next to them, they show their affection or trust licking us. They lick themselves to straighten their hair and wash themselves. If our cat licks us is demonstrating that we are a “his” and so is cleaning us, it is because he trusts us.

When we bring a new pet home, especially if it is another cat, our first cat may have a tremendous heartache and consider our attitude of unreasonable folly and for a few days may be resentful and not sleeping next to us. But time heals everything.

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