Why do cats like the sun?

Who has never seen a cat lying on a couch where sun beats through the nearest window? This situation is so common among all that we have a feline as a pet. And you’ve probably wondered, why do cats like the sun so much?

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There are many theories and / or myths that claim that cats like the sun and this is clear because there is no cat that does not like to take a nice sunbath, whether indoors or out, but if because this happens, keep reading this article from Animal Expert and find out why cats like sun .

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Benefits of sunbathing for cats

If cats look for heat sources around the house, this has a reason to be and then we’ll explain to you what are the benefits of sunbathing for cats:

Balances your body temperature

Cats are domesticated felines that once were wild, slept and rested during the day and hunted their prey at night. By having a cat as a pet, this pace of life is no longer the same. They usually spend most of their daylight hours restocking and sleeping in some warm place where, if possible, they catch the sun directly. And why this happens? The body temperature of cats, like all mammals, decreases when they are asleep because they are still and relaxed, their body does not burn any type of energy and the caloric expenditure decreases, so they try to compensate for this difference in temperature and prefer sleeping in hot areas or where the rays of sunlight directly affect, this is because cats also feel cold .

Source of vitamin D

We all know that thanks to the sun our skin absorbs solar rays and our body is able to synthesize the vitamin D we need for the whole organism to function properly, and with cats the same thing happens. Sunspots help cats get the vitamin D their body needs but not as much as we would like, since it has been shown that cats’ hair blocks the ultraviolet rays they charge from the process and that the amount of vitamin is negligible when compared to other living things. What gives the required amount of vitamin D to cats is good nutrition , so this should be balanced and appropriate to your age.

Pure pleasure

Last but not least, it is the pleasure that this activity gives them. There is nothing that our kittens like more than lie in the sun and take a good nap. But what cats really love is not the rays of the sun, it’s the warm feeling it gives them. Did you know that these animals can withstand temperatures up to 50ºC and adapt to all types of climates, whether hot or cold?

Is the sun good for cats?

Yes, but moderately. Although it has already been shown that cats can live without the sun, especially when they are domestic cats that live on indoor floors where the sun does not hit directly and never go out on the street, our pets will be much happier if they can enjoy a space where they can take some sun and take their naps.

Although cats enjoy the sun, it is necessary to watch and ensure that our cat does not take too much sun, especially in the summer and if it is a hairless cat or with little hair, otherwise you may suffer some of these problems or diseases:

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