Why do cats hate water?

Cats are known for their hygiene and personal care and love drinking water, but when it comes to bathing, they do not usually like it very much. Is this a trend that happens with all cats? And most importantly, why do cats hate water?

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This is the question that all cat owners ask when they have to battle their pet to get a shower, or when they see that the cat flees if it is splashed with a little water.

See in this article of the Animal Expert whether this mystery is real or if this predisposition has any scientific justification, and above all, if all felines suffer from this terrible fear of getting wet. Find out why cats hate water!

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Let’s start at the beginning.

Theories of feline conspiracy against bathing are numerous. The main has to do with its origin as a species. Most cats live in desert regions in the Middle East, which means that access to water was not as regular .

Later with the evolution and the migrations, the cats were experiencing the life in other zones where the water was more frequent. This means that some breeds of cats have in their genes a tendency to stay away from water, while other breeds are already more accustomed.

In fact, the cat senses a magnetism by the water and can be half fools just observing the water but, at the same time, they feel a certain respect . It is similar to the reaction we humans have to the ocean.

I feel trapped

Cats, though domesticated, are wild animals in their essence. They do not like to feel trapped and like to have some independence. When a cat is soaked in water, his hair weighs a lot more and this does compromise his agility and mobility. Wet skin becomes an antonym of freedom .

I like things calmly

Most cats love water, and although they are fantastic swimmers, what they do not like is being immersed in it, much less unexpectedly. Cats love to do the cuffs calmly and have their own rhythm.

Our favorite felines are animals of custom and do not like the surprises, nor the day of his birthday. That is why it is very important to educate them with a bath routine since they are puppies, otherwise it can turn into an unpleasant experience for them and will make the water have a negative connotation in the life of your pet

One thing at a time

Cats love to feel that they can control their environment and the things that happen to them. On the other hand, they are extremely curious creatures, but it is a discreet and cautious curiosity , so, before they try the water, a cat will first pass by and calmly, through a place where there is water, only to wet the , smell the liquid, stick your head and so on. Have patience, as always, never force it .

I do not like how it smells

The smell of water is essential for the cat to feel interested in it. Cats are animals with a very developed sense of smell and can differentiate between fresh water coming from natural sources and water processed with chemicals.

It is not surprising to see cats enjoying a well or natural pool and at the same time flee desperately from a bath in the tub or from a jet of water from a faucet.

All the previous theories are based on some studies of specialists in cats, not only scientifically, but also psychologically. However, there is much to know and experts continue to investigate the deep and interesting world of domestic felines.

What if I want to bathe my cat?

Although it is possible to clean a cat without wetting it, in cases of extreme dirt this will not be possible. If you find yourself in this situation it will be important to use products such as the dry cleaning shampoo for cats.

The cat cat that does not want to shower should not be forced to such. Only small cats that have followed a socialization process in which water has been included are accustomed to and tolerate this human hygienic routine.

However, if your cat is accustomed or has not tried to bathe and does not know what your reaction will be, we recommend you visit our article on Bathing the cat at home .

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