Why do cats disappear?

Cats are extremely curious and independent animals that like to explore their territory to the maximum, either to mark their presence and communicate to other animals that it is he who commands there, or in search of some love interest.

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It is common to hear stories of families who move and from one day to the next, the pussy disappears and returns to the old house where they lived. This is because this species of animal is very much tied to its space and sometimes it is more difficult for it to assimilate a change than for you. But why do cats disappear? And when they run away, they come back?

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Why do cats flee?

First of all, you have to understand how a cat’s head works: for them, their territory is not just the house they share with their human family , in which are their toys and food. This domain can extend over a radius of 8 km, which makes it much broader, is not it?

In his mind, he is still at home even if he is a few blocks away, so it is essential that the owner of the animal does not despair if he does not return after a walk. It’s always a good idea to check out the area and get to know the places your cat likes to be when walking through the neighborhood, so this can help you understand why cats come and what to do when they happen.

Because the cats disappear before they die

Many people believe that cats flee before they die because they do not want to see their owners suffering. This idea probably originated from a habit prior to domestication, developed by pure instinct for survival.

Like many species of animals, injured cats tended to hide in nature so that predators did not find them and did not see them as easy prey. That is: it is, in fact, the survival instinct of the animal that leads him to disguise the pain and disappear when he is injured or sick.

In these situations, it is common to find the pussy in darker, isolated places, such as underneath your car or on top of a shelf hidden in the garage.

However, it is not because your kitten is gone that you are sick or about to die. Watch for other signs that may help you distinguish a simple scapulus from something more serious that needs veterinary care. When they are sick, animals tend to become apathetic, worry less about cleaning their fur, and lose hunger. Read our full article on how to know if the cat is sick .

Do neutered cats flee?

If your cat usually sneaks out every night, looking for other cats in the neighborhood, castration can help solve the problem. With the fall of the hormones, the search for a partner decreases, which leaves the pussy quieter. This is just one of the many benefits of castrating a cat . However, if it is part of the animal’s personality, the cat may continue to flee, even if it is castrated, so it is important to know your animal, understanding your habits, needs and care.

Cats when they flee come back?

Cats are animals that have very keen olfactory and visual memory due to their instinct for hunting and survival. In general, cats flee when they return home after a few hours, finding their way alone.

They are able to memorize an environment from simple elements such as trees, pews or certain buildings. So even at night he can observe details of the way he is going to redo it later.

That the smell of animals is more potent than that of humans we already know, but in the case of cats this characteristic becomes even more evident. The pussies are registering various scents in their olfactory memory, and when they wish to return home, they trigger these memories, looking for family records.

It is worth remembering that the wind is able to change the course of an odor or extinguish it at once and therefore can influence the time a kitten takes to find the way home. Depending on the direction of the wind, the animal may end up following another path, but over time, it will notice a sequence of unknown odors and images, being able to return to its original path.

If your cat is accustomed to walking through the neighborhood, then it has an arsenal of smells and familiar images wide enough, which makes your way back home more peaceful. Now, if the animal is not accustomed to leaving home and is gone, it is essential to try to retrace its steps and talk to neighbors who may have seen it.

What to do when the cat runs away

If your pussy has been missing for some time and has not returned yet, try to keep calm to look for it. Go over his routine and see if there have been any significant changes that he may not have liked, such as a home move, a new family member, or a new pet. In these cases, the animal usually shows signs of its dissatisfaction and it is possible that it has “adopted” another house like his. Be aware to see if these absences are not recurring.

Walk through the neighborhood and see if your cat is not on top of some tree or some hidden corner of the neighborhood that you went through without paying attention. Go from house to house, if possible, and ask for the animal . It is very likely that someone saw him walking around.

Talk to your neighbors who also have cats and make sure he did not go there, not even to eat or drink water. In some cases, cats feel more comfortable coming close to their own species and can seek shelter in homes that also have pussies.

If you have done all this and still do not know where your pet might be, make ads with his pictures and scatter the region. The more people watching, the better, right? See our article with all the tips for finding a lost cat .

Keeping the house safe and covering the gaps where it passes unnoticed is also a good security measure.

Above all the most important thing is to put a microchip . This is the only safe method to identify your cat and that quickly allows it to be identified at any veterinarian. A plaque collar can be dangerous. There are a number of reported cases of strangulation and severe feline injury due to its use.

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