Why do cats bury their feces?

Cats are unique animals and their behavior is proof of this. Among some of their curiosities we highlight the fact of burying food, objects and even their feces, but why do they?

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In this article we will explain to you in detail why cats bury their feces , something innate in nature. But do not worry, if your cat does not, we’ll explain why.

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The cat, a very clean animal

To begin with you should know that the cat is a clean animal by nature that feels comfortable in a hygienic environment. Proof of this (and of his intelligence) is the ability to urinate and defecate inside the litter box, a behavior that has not only indoors, as a cat rescue does not urinate anywhere, only in the place that he considered as its territory .

It is for this reason that many cats often urinate marking the whole house when they are adopted. If this is your case do not hesitate to consult our article to learn how to prevent the cat from urinating at home .

But the cat does not cover his feces just for hygiene, there is a reason for the cat to have this behavior. Keep reading!

Cats that bury their feces

Cats, like dogs, bury their faeces for a very simple reason: they want to cover up the smell . But the reason goes beyond hygiene: cats cover the faeces so that other predators or members of their species can not locate their territory .

By burying the droppings the cat greatly reduces the smell giving us to understand that they are not a threat to anyone passing in the same territory. It is a sign of submission .

Cats that do not bury feces

Unlike the cats that bury their faeces, there are also those who want to make it clear that this territory is their property . They often do it in high places: beds, sofas, chairs … so that the scent can expand better and the message is clear and effective.

Either way, if your cat does not use the litter box please inquire properly since some animal diseases or who do not have their litter box clean will not want to use it.

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