What are the guinea pig breeds? Meet the 22 Races!

When in a wild guinea pig, there is only one pig breed, a single color (gray). However, domestic guinea pigs have been created over thousands of years and there are different breeds, colors and types of hair.

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There are also some official associations that promote the different races of this species, such as the American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA) and the CAPI (Friends of the Guinea Pigs Association of India) in Portugal.

Are you curious about the different little pigs in India and the pig breeds in India? In this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain to you all the races of guinea pigs that exist and what the characteristics of them. Keep reading!

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Wild Guinea Pig

Before we talk about the different races of domestic India piggies, it is important that you get to know the ancestor of all of them, the wild Indian pig ( Cavia aperea tschudii ). Unlike the domestic guinea pig, this guinea pig has exclusively nocturnal habits. His body is elongated just like the nose, unlike the domestic guinea pig that has a much rounder nose. His coloring is always gray , while the domestic guinea pigs are found in countless colors.

Different breeds of domestic guinea pigs

There are different races of guinea pigs that can be organized according to the type of hair : short hair, long hair and no hair.

Short-haired India pig breeds:

  • Abissínio
  • Crowned English
  • Crowned american
  • Curly
  • Short hair (English)
  • Peruvian short-haired
  • Rex
  • Somali
  • Ridgeback
  • American Teddy
  • Swiss Teddy

Long-haired India pig breeds:

  • Alpaca
  • Ango
  • Coronet
  • Lunkarya
  • Merino
  • Mohair
  • Peruvian
  • Sheltie
  • Texel

Guinea pig breeds without hairs:

  • Baldwin
  • Skinny

Next we’ll tell you some of the most popular breeds, so that you can quickly identify the breed of your little pig from India.

Guinea pig breed Abyssinian

The guinea pig Abyssinian is a breed of short hair is characterized by its rough hairs . Their hair has a lot of whirlwinds , which gives them that very funny, unkempt look. When they are young the hair is silky and as they become adults the hair is getting rough.

Guinea pig crowned English and American Crowned

The crowned Englishman has a crown , as the name implies, on the head. There are two different ones, the English crowned and the American crowned. The only difference between them is that the American crowned one has a white crown while the English crowned one has the crown of the same color as the rest of the body.

Guinea pig short hair (English)

The short hair India English pig is the most common and most commercialized breed . There are various colors and patterns of piglets of this breed. Their hairs are silky and short and have no whirls.

Little pig of Peruvian Peru

There are two little Peruvian pigs of the Peruvian breed, the long-haired and short-haired. The short-haired one is not officially recognized by most of the guinea pig associations in India.

The Peruvian breed was the first of all the guinea pig breeds of India by the long. The hairs of these animals can be so long that it becomes impossible to distinguish the pig’s head from the back. If you have a pig of this breed as a pet, the ideal is to trim the front hairs for easy cleaning. The pigs of these breed who participate in beauty contests can get to have 50cm of fur !

Guinea Pig Rex

Rex’s Indian piggies have a very dense and curly hair . This breed native to England is very similar to the American Teddy breed.

Guinea Pig Somali

The Somali breed was raised in Australia and is the result of a cross between the Rex breed and the Abyssinian breed . This breed is also not officially recognized by most associations.

Ridgeback’s Guinea Pig Breed

Rigdeback guinea pigs are one of the most coveted pigs because of their particular crest on the back . In terms of genetics they are close to the Abyssinian breed.

Guinea Pig American Teddy Bear

As we have already mentioned, the Indian pig of the American Teddy breed is very similar to Rex. Since the American Teddy is originally from America, as the name indicates, while the Rex is originally from England. The coat of these little pigs is short and rough .

Guinea Pig Swiss Teddy Bear

A breed from Switzerland, as the name implies. These little pigs have a short, rough hair, with no whirls. These little pigs are slightly larger than the other breeds , and can reach 1,400 kg.

Guinea pig Alpaca breed

The piggies of India of the Alpaca breed, arose from crossings between the Peruvians and other races. Basically they are identical to the Peruvians but with the curly hairs .

Guinea pig Angora breed

The pig breed of India Angora is not recognized by most associations. Apparently, these little pigs look like a cross between the Peruvian breed and the Abyssinian. The hair of these little pigs is short on the belly, head and legs and long the back . It has a whirlwind in the back region, which gives them a very funny air.

Guinea pig Coronet breed

The guinea pig of Coronet breed has beautiful long hair and a crown on the head . This breed arose from the cross between the Crowned and the Shelties. Because of the length of the hair, it is important that you regularly brush the piggy and cut the tips whenever necessary.

Guinea pig Lunkarya breed and Curly India pig

The piglet of India of the breed Lunkarya is very similar to the Texel. His hair is long and curly.

Curly India Pig

It is a short hair variation of the Lunkarya breed, of which we will speak to you later. This breed is not yet officially recognized by the guinea pig associations.

Guinea pig Merino breed

The Merino breed emerged from the cross between the Texel and the Coronet. The hairs are long and beaded and the little pigs have a crown on the head.

Guinea pig Mohair breed

We have already told you about the Angora race. This little pig, the Mohair, is basically an Angora with curly hairs. It came from the cross between an Angora and a Texel.

Guinea Pig Breed Sheltie

It’s a long-haired Indian pig, similar to Peruvian. The main difference is that the Sheltie Indian pig does not have long hair on his face .

Guinea pig breed texel

The Texas piglet of the texel breed is very similar to the sheltie but has beaded, wave-free hairs.

Guinea Pig Skinny breed and Baldwin breed

India’s Skinny and Baldwin guinea pigs have virtually no fur . Skinny may have some areas of hair (nose, paws, head), while the Baldwin have no hairs on any part of the body.

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