Where the Penguins Live

The Penguins are a group of flightless seabirds within which we can distinguish between approximately 17 to 19 species, although they all have in common a number of features such as the distribution, which is centered in the high southern latitudes.

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It is a bird that has no ability to fly and is characterized by a rough and unbalanced floor.

If you are curious about these nice birds, in this article of Animal Expert we show you where we can find penguins .

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Distribution of penguins

Penguins live only in the southern hemisphere , but this location is compatible with almost every continent. Some species live near the equator and generally any species can change its distribution and migrate further north when they are not in breeding seasons.

If you want to know where the penguins live, then we tell you all the geographical areas inhabited by these strange birds:

  • Looks Galapagos
  • Antarctica and New Zealand coasts
  • South Australia
  • South Africa
  • Subantarctic Islands
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Patagonia Argentina
  • West Coast South America

As we can see, there are many places where penguins live, however, it is true that the largest penguin population is found in Antarctica and all nearby islands.

Habitat of the Penguins

The habitat will vary depending on the particular species of the penguin, since some penguins may live in icy environments while others prefer a warmer habitat; in any case, penguin habitation must fulfill important functions, such as providing this bird an adequate feed.

Usually the penguin lives on the thick layers of ice and must always be close to the sea to be able to hunt and feed, which is why they usually live near streams of cold water, in fact, the penguin spends much of its time in the water, since its anatomy and physiology is specially designed for this.

Let’s avoid the extinction of penguins

There are laws that protect penguins since 1959, however, these laws are not always enforced and it is a sad evidence that day after day the populations of the various species of penguins are progressively decreasing.

The main reasons for this risk of extinction are hunting, the oil spill and the natural destruction of its habitat, although we may not believe it, we all have the possibility to protect these beautiful birds .

Global warming is destroying part of the natural habitation of penguins and if we are all aware of this, we can reduce the consequent damage of this phenomenon, which, although not reversible, requires urgent measures that minimize its serious consequences.

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