When to cut the cat’s nails? Practical guide

Scratching is probably the second favorite activity of cats after sleeping. The claws that felines possess are not merely a tool of play and destruction, but also a defense mechanism and a practical tool that will be useful for the pet in many situations.

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Although it is not always necessary to cut the cat’s nails, there are cases where you should have this regular care, such as cats without access to scrapers or other nail sharpeners, old cats, etc. In this article by YourCatCareguide, we clarify your doubt: ” When to cut the cat’s nails? “. Keep reading and find out!

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Should you cut the cat’s nails?

In nature, the cat is able to maintain the state of the nails alone, wearing and sharpening on various surfaces, such as tree trunks. However, a domestic cat has more difficulty in maintaining the condition of the nails when it does not have a scraper. To prevent him from feeling uncomfortable when walking and damaging his furniture, it is necessary to cut the cat’s nails.

The scratchers are essential, since the scratching is instinctive in the cat. It sharpens the nails to preserve their condition, but also ends up releasing stress through the act. Besides these two benefits, the cat still communicates with others of the same species when it sharpens the nails, leaving marks that indicate the presence of him and delimits territory.

That is why it is ideal to put several scratchers in different places of the house, thus avoiding that your cat sharpens the nails and scratches everything that finds. If you scold the feline for this, by preventing him from releasing his instinct, it will affect the physical and mental health of your pet. Teach your cat to use the scratching tool , although not all cats want or can use this object.

Cats who walk and play outside the home usually do not need the tutor to cut their nails, unlike those who spend time inside.

How often should I trim my cat’s nails?

The frequency of nail cutting depends a lot on your cat ‘s activity, his daily pranks and the need to sharpen his nails without damaging the furniture in the house.

In general, the nails of the front paws need to be cut twice a month, that is, every two weeks. The hind legs only need a monthly cut in most cases.

The use of scrapers can delay the time to cut the nails because, as mentioned before, wearing the nails is one of the benefits it offers. To see if it is necessary to cut the cat’s nails, try to note if you can hear the claws when the cat runs and you hear the sound they make against the floor. In that case, they have grown too much and must be cut.

How to Cut Cat’s Nails – Recommendations

Now that you know when to trim the cat’s nails , you’re probably asking how this should be done. This is an activity that requires great care and attention not to hurt the feline nor to cause trauma.

  1. Get scissors to cut cat’s nails . Never use regular scissors.
  2. Have silver nitrate nearby , a substance that stops bleeding if it is cut.
  3. Use the cat to cut the nails from a young age so that it associates the practice with something positive.
  4. If you have never cut the nails of an adult cat, be patient and gentle . You can curl the feline in a towel and put it on your lap, taking one out at a time to cut your nails. You can also ask someone else for help so that one catches the kitten while the other cuts off the claws. Do not forget that wearing thick, thick gloves can be very useful for this.
  5. When you have the paw in your hand, press each little finger lightly and the claws will leave alone. Find the white nail and the section located in the center, usually dark or reddish. Cut only the white part to avoid mutilation of the nerve, something that will make your pet bleed and feel a lot of pain. In dark-haired cats, the nail is usually coffee-colored and, in the center of the nerve, a slightly darker shade.
  6. If you accidentally cut off the nerve, quickly put some silver nitrate in the area. There may be a lot of blood coming out.
  7. If your cat becomes nervous and writhes excessively, making it impossible to manipulate it, do not force the nail cut. You may end up hurting the pet unintentionally.
  8. Maintain calm while cutting the cat’s nails, using a quiet tone of voice so the cat feels this tranquility.
  9. Keep chunks of your cat’s favorite food nearby to offer a reward when finishing the cut. If you always use this positive reinforcement , the cat will feel more relaxed over time.
  10. Never yell or threaten the cat if it does not allow you to cut his nails.
  11. In long-haired cats, it may be very helpful to moisten the hair of the paws before trimming the nails to thereby remove the coat and work more comfortably and accurately.
  12. Never start your cat’s nails , as this procedure is considered a mutilation that damages the cat on a physical and mental level.
  13. If you do not feel safe to cut the cat’s nails yourself, consult your veterinarian so that he does so without risk.

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