What’s the best cat litter?

There are dozens of different sandboxes available in the market. Most cats know how to instinctively use the litter box, also called litter box or tray. Usually, just submit the box to the cat and he will know what to do. But which is the ideal litter?

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Many tutors, especially those who have recently adopted a puppy, wonder about the best litter box for cats . YourCatCareguide will answer that question!

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Cat litter box

Choosing the litter box for the cat should suit the size of it and the environment in which it lives. Ideally, the box should be large enough for the cat to spin on it (everyone knows that cats love to take those turns inside the box before choosing the ideal place to do their needs). Experts advise that the box should be 1.5 times the size of the cat (from the nose to the base of the tail).

If you have recently adopted a puppy, it is best to buy a large box already thinking about the future and the size it will reach. However, if you choose to buy a small box, remember that you will have to increase the box as it grows. You need to take into account that regardless of which box you buy, it should be easy for the cat to get in and out (some boxes have a very high entrance for kittens).

One of the main reasons for the abandonment of cats is the elimination behavior outside the litter box . For this reason, a group of researchers, JJ Ellis RTS McGowan F. Martin, decided to study the reasons that lead cats to defecate out of the box and their preferences [1] . This study concluded that the main reason for cats to urinate out of the box is dirt! Cats hate dirty litter bins. In the study, dirty litter boxes with fake urine and faeces also prevented cats from expressing normal elimination behavior, eventually making the needs out of the box. In short, the problem, contrary to what tutors can think, is not in the smell of the person who used the box before him, but in the cleaning. Only the image of the dirty box with fake waste is enough for the cat to avoid at all costs to use it.

Given what we are referring to, the most important of all is that you clean the litter box every day !

With regard to the size of the sandbox, the researchers say is not new, the bigger the box, the better [1] ! This was also confirmed by other investigators, in 2014, the study indicated that given the opportunity to choose between a box of sand and a small larger, the two being cleaned, cats always chose the highest [2] .

Closed cat litter box

Closed cat litter boxes are the first choice for many cat tutors as these have the advantage of preventing the cat from spreading sand all over the side and decreasing the odor coming out of the box. In addition, some tutors believe that the kitten will have more privacy in a litter of this type.

However, although these boxes may be more aesthetically attractive to tutors, they are not the best choice for the animal, as indicated by the Portuguese veterinarian animal behavior specialist Gonçalo Pereira [3] .

Several experts argue that the best option is to use a wide and open sandbox , since this type of enclosure gives the cat different spaces to comfortably carry out the natural behaviors associated with elimination [4] .

If the problem in your case is for the cat to spread sand all over , read our article with effective solutions to this problem.

Sandbox for cats with sieve

An easier way to keep the litter box clean is to opt for a cat litter box with a sieve. The idea of ​​these boxes is quite simple, allow you to sift the sand without having to use the shovel.

This type of carton is especially useful for tutors who choose to use granulate as an absorbent . The granulate on contact with the urine turns into powder that passes to the underside of the sieve as it can pass through the holes.

In case of the use of the most common sand for cats, this box is not so useful, since the pebbles pass indiscriminately through the holes.

Automatic cat litter box

One of the great novelties of the market are the automatic cat litter boxes. These boxes are designed to always be clean and the tutor does not have to worry about it. They can be programmed to do four cleanings a day or even to clean each time the cat uses the box.

They are the true “castle” of litter boxes for cats and for tutors who no longer have to worry about cleaning. There are different models available, most of them with the same concept, collect cat waste, clean and dry the granules leaving the box ready for the next use. Opting for a self- cleaning sandbox or a self- cleaning sandbox is one of the best tricks for stinking cat sand .

The only thing that does not seem to be perfect in these boxes is the price! However, most of the tutors who chose these models, claims that it is worth the investment.

What is the best cat litter

The choice of sand type is extremely important. Some cats may even refuse to urinate and / or defecate on a certain type of sand. Above all, you should try to get to know your cat and understand his preferences.

Most cats prefer fine sand due to the soft touch of it and no odor . Silica sands can be harmful, especially if your cat swallows them.

There are several options in the sand market of excellent quality that allows you to properly control the odor and that are not harmful to your feline. Read all about this in our article on the best sanitary sand for cats .

Where to put the cat litter box?

While it may not seem like it, most cats care a lot about the location of the litter box. It is important that the feline likes the place where you put the box, to avoid that for that reason he does not use the box.

You should avoid places with much noise such as near washing machines that might scare the kitten and causing it to associate the moment of need with something negative. Areas with a very cold ground are also not usually appreciated by cats. The place should be easy to access and quiet, where the cat might have some privacy. Ideally it should be placed in a corner, so the cat feels more secure.

The best place for the cat litter box is whatever he chooses. To find out where your cat is, try to place several litter boxes in different places in the house and you will quickly realize which one is your cat’s favorite. The same applies to the type of litter box. Your cat may not be like most cats and prefer a different type of box. The ideal is to have several alternatives and be the cat to choose.

In addition to choosing the right type of box, it is necessary that you adapt the number of boxes to the number of cats in the house. Read our article on this subject .

Each cat is a different world, they have distinct tastes and personalities and that is why they are incredible beings. What kind of litter box does your cat prefer? Share with us in the comments!

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