What to Teach a Puppy in the First Year

If you just adopted a puppy , let me start by congratulating you. Having a pet is one of the most beautiful experiences a person can have in this life. The love, affection and loyalty of a dog are incomparable.

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However, adopting a puppy also implies some responsibilities. Do not just feed it and give it a roof, because in order for your pet to be fully happy you must train it . A basic education is not only teaching you to do tricks, it is to train you so that you can have a healthy and safe life.

Do not know where to start? Be calm, in this article of ExpertAnimal we will give you some tips so you know what to teach a puppy in the first year .

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5 things you should learn as owner

It’s not just the puppy that will learn, you too. As a pet owner you may not be familiar with certain basic aspects of a puppy’s education, so let us explain to you a few:

  • Establish routines : This is key. Your pet does not know to look at the clock or the calendar, so to ensure your tranquility should set a schedule of tours and meals. In fact, any change you want to make in the life of your dog should be done little by little to ensure your well-being.
  • Define what the dog can or can not do : It is common for pet owners to let them do certain things when they are puppies. A typical example is the issue of going to bed or to the sofa. If you allow him to do this small, he will not later understand if you want to ban him, you should always be consistent in his education.
  • All alike : Especially if there are children at home. If a person sets certain rules for the dog, but another does not follow them, the dog will not understand what it can do. Do not confuse it and follow all the same rules.
  • Affective bonding : Your pet likes you, you are the center of your life. You must also demonstrate to him that he is important to you. But watch out, showing him that you like him is not giving him all the goodies in the world. It’s spending time with him, figuring out what his favorite games are and learning how to communicate with him. Believe me when I tell you that you will get much of your dog.
  • Positive reinforcement : Do not hesitate to read our article on positive reinforcement . This is the basis for successfully training any dog. Even those who are already adults.
  • Rides and exercise : If you have decided to adopt a puppy and this one has a great need for exercise or walking, you should comply with that. The rides are a key part of the dog’s relaxation and communication with the outside. Some basic tricks are: let him cry (encourage relaxation), allow him freedom during the walk and let him socialize with other pets. Find out in YourCatCareguide how many times you should walk with the dog .

6 things you should teach your puppy in its first year

  • Socialization : Many dog ​​behavior problems stem from poor socialization. So this step is very important. It is called socializing the process of teaching your dog to socialize with the outside world.

    I am not referring only to learning to socialize with other humans or other dogs, but with the other elements that exist in life. Cars, bikes, motorcycles, baby strollers, people walking on the road … Your puppy should learn to know all these elements.

    This process runs from 3 weeks to 12 weeks of age . In YourCatCareguide we are aware of the importance of good socialization, so we created an article that speaks more deeply about how to socialize a puppy.

  • Recognize your name : Although it may seem strange to you, your dog may take 5 to 10 days to recognize your name. Have patience, we are facing an important step and it is often poorly taught.

    A very common mistake is to use the dog’s name for everything. You should use the name of your pet just to pay attention.

    The system is very simple. First make eye contact, say your name and give him a prize. After repeating it several times, begin experimenting without eye contact. Do not be frustrated if you see that you ignore it, it is normal, it takes your time.

    It is no use calling him twenty times, for he can look at you for another reason and we would be reinforcing evil. Call it twice, if not look, wait a bit and try again. If you never look at yourself, go back to the first step.

    Trick : A very common mistake of the owners is to call the dog to scold. This will only cause you to relate your name to something bad. In order to scold you, you must use another word, for example “No”.

  • Be quiet and / or sit down : Another fundamental order. With this order we can control our dog if we see that it is performing some undesirable action or if it starts to run because something happened. As you see, a good education is also important for the safety of your dog.

    Discover how to teach your dog how to sit step by step in our article. If you follow all the steps we explain, you will be able to understand your order in a very long time.

  • Teach the dog to go to the bathroom : As we have already mentioned, routines are essential in your dog’s life. This will give you peace of mind because you will always know what to expect. Keep in mind that until your puppy reaches six months of age does not begin to control your bladder. However, in that process you can teach him to do his needs on top of a newspaper sheet.

    It has to do with when your dog wants to do his / her needs (normally half an hour after a meal), then take him / her to the paper area. your needs.

  • Learning to Bite : Your dog should learn this before 4 or 5 months. But be careful, it’s not about your dog not biting (in fact, it’s healthy to bite for the proper development of your teeth), but rather learn not to bite hard.

    In order to bite and develop your teeth, you should use special toys or teethers. When you are playing with it with your hands, you should only scold when you bite hard. Remember to use the word “No”, never your name. Discover how to teach your puppy not to bite into this article.

  • Learning to be alone : Separation anxiety is a problem, unfortunately very common. Not only do we not teach our dog to manage our absence, but we also make it dependent on us. It is customary to spend a lot of time with our dog when we have just adopted it. With this we only make our pet see as normal the fact of seeing us all the time.

    I insist on the idea that a dog does not know how to interpret a calendar or a clock, only perceives what he has been accustomed to.

    Teaching your puppy to be alone is a process that must be done slowly, slowly. First start at home so the dog is not with you all the time. Then leave him at home alone. First 2 minutes, then 5 and gradually increase.

If you want to read more articles the following one will be able to add you to the Basic Education section .

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