What to know before adopting a dog

There is no doubt that dogs are great pets, faithful and adorable, but of course these are not enough reasons to decide to live with one of them. One of the main problems related to pets is the abandonment by the owners , when the responsibilities and needs of your dog exceed their abilities or expectations. A pet is a serious and important responsibility, so if you are considering living with a dog, in YourCatCareguide we explain to you what to know before adopting a dog , in this way you can give the animal the happy and healthy life it deserves.

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Why do you want to adopt a dog?

This is the first question you should consider before adopting a dog . What is the reason for wanting an animal? Pets are living things that need love and attention , so there are no valid reasons why everyone has one, because my children do not stop asking for one or because I feel alone and want company.

Anything that does not come with a firm commitment to be responsible for the life of this dog is not worth it and only indicates that it is not ready to adopt, so think about it very well.

Do you have time for the animal?

This is essential because a dog needs to take you to walk several times a day, needs to exercise, run and play daily, needs training, medical attention, care, care to be clean and healthy as baths, hair cuts and nails, frequent brushing, etc. All this is time consuming and it is important to have this clear before moving on to an adoption.

Do you have enough money to cover your needs?

Yes, dogs generate costs like any other living thing. You should vaccinate the animal, take him to his regular visits with the vet, take him to a specialist every time he is sick, buy him quality ration, toys to be entertained and the respective accessories for the ride. If you do not have enough economic ability to take on these responsibilities it is not convenient to have this pet.

Is your house ready for a dog?

Depending on the type of dog you want, you should make sure you have enough space . Large, giant breeds need a good space to live well and avoid anxiety, so there are certain dogs too active that in an apartment would not feel happy or healthy. Before adopting, you should think about the size of the animal and whether it can be adapted to your home.

Can your habits suit your pet?

It is vital to think about this before adopting a dog . If you are a sedentary person who does little exercise you should not adopt a dog that needs a lot of physical activity to be healthy or it could become ill or feel sad due to lack of physical exercise. In this case you should think of calmer and sedentary races that fit you.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy exercising daily or enjoy long walks, then maybe an active dog is perfect for you. You should also consider different aspects of the animal’s character in the case of living with children or elderly people, for example:

  • If the dog likes children or not
  • If it is too noisy or active
  • If you are an easy or difficult dog to train

Are you responsible enough to care for a dog?

As you’ve noticed, a dog needs care, so you should think about whether you can take on this great responsibility . You should be willing to care for and protect your pet throughout your life, give you the attention you ask for and give you the love you need to live healthy and happy.

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