What to do to clean a cat without giving it a bath

If you have a cat, you probably know that these pets are allergic to water, that is, they hate baths and everything to do with them.

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In any case, if your pet gets dirty in excess, there is a question of whether we should help you clean yourself and, if you want to do it, how to proceed.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we want to help you to clarify your doubts to know what to do to clean a cat without bathing .

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The cat washes himself

Cats are very clean animals that devote a large part of the day to lick every corner of their furto eliminate dirt and knots, so it is not surprising that they sometimes suffer from ingesting the well-known hairballs .

These animals can stay up to more than 4 hours a day by washing and sanitizing themselves. Its tongue is rough and rough, which allows to eliminate dirt accumulated in the most hidden places of your hair.

In addition to hair, cats need our help as they also need to clean their eyes , ears and mouth, delicate places that are difficult to access for them.

Cases of extreme dirt

If your cat came home especially dirty, you can think of washing it yourself, because sometimes it is preferable to act before our pet swallows dirt , for example. For these cases you have several tools that can help you to eliminate dirt:

  • The first is the dry shampoo you’ll find at any pet store. This shampoo is indicated for cases in which the animal has enough aversion to water. Its texture is foamy and will only need a brush to remove the product. They are a very successful option.
  • If you do not have time to buy a specific product, you can at home try to clean it a little with baby wipes . You should do this slowly and gently, as if you were licking your cat, in this way the process will become a social interaction that will make your cat feel good and let it clean.

Remember that you can prevent ingesting hair balls, light dirt and the appearance of parasites by regularly brushing your cat. Look for a brush he likes and take the time to brush it and make him feel comfortable next to him.

Other parts of the body

As we mentioned before, there are three areas difficult for the cat and that is where our pet needs our help. Cleaning the ears to your cat is not an easy task, because it is a hole that has very delicate parts that we should not hurt. There are specific sprays for hygiene in this area, although you can also do a more superficial cleaning with a gauze, consult your veterinarian to know how to do it.

You should also clean your eyes , as sometimes potholes can accumulate that we must eliminate. It is sufficient to use a gauze or a damp cloth. Lastly, the mouth should be your last concern. Tartar accumulation is inevitable, so you should carry out regular cleaning using cat-specific toothpaste, offering you biting toys and dry rations

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