What to do in case of dog bite

A dog’s bite may be more or less severe depending on the size of the dog and its intentions. A dog may bite for feeling threatened, for redirecting the bite in the face of a stressful situation or for its past as a sparring dog . It will depend on the dog and the circumstance.

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Whatever the reason the dog has bitten should treat your wound, otherwise you may suffer a serious infection.

Keep reading to know what to do in case of a dog bite , see what first aid is .

Because the dogs bite

Although it can be a very small dog the right thing is that all dogs can bite us at some point. The education and socialization we offer you during your life will make our pet predispose or not to show this behavior.

We may be bitten by a dog on countless occasions and especially if we work with animals of which we do not know his behavior. Many shelter volunteers will feel identified by reading this article, they must all have taken a bite, as for example it has happened to me.

That a dog bite does not mean at all that it is bad , can happen for several reasons that we will analyze:

  • May bite when feeling trapped or threatened
  • For receiving physical aggression
  • For trying to use inappropriate techniques of education
  • You can redirect your aggressiveness to us the moment you fight with another dog (severe consequences of stress)
  • By dominating and controlling their “possessions”
  • For fear (if you have never lived with people)
  • Dogs victims of sparring
  • Dogs used in fights
  • Dogs with whom you play inappropriately
  • And many other factors

We must be very clear that whatever the dog bit us that this factor has nothing to do with us (whenever we treat the dog with respect and care), this situation is probably an inheritance of his sad past.

How to act in front of a dog that wants to bite us

To begin with, we must act calmly and calmly, although the dog has bitten us or wants to do it, in no case should we shout or change excessively , this will cause the dog to exalt itself even more.

The key in any case or situation will be to move quickly away from the stimulus that may have altered the dog, while we pull up small with the strap: it is not a question of strangling the dog, we have to do it for very short periods of time, in this way we are distracting you. Always without hurting the dog.

We must try to distract the attention of the dog while we move the strap of our body as far as we can. Offer him treats scattered on the floor or isolate the dog in a safe place for him and for you, these are undoubtedly the best options.

You bit me a dog, what should I do now?

If definitely and despite your attempts to avoid the dog bit you, you should follow the advice of Expert:

  1. To begin with, if the bite is shallow or shallow, wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water. should remove any dirt that may have remained on the wound. If the wound is too large or too large, after cleaning it with water, cover it with a sterile gauze to avoid spilling any more blood.
  2. Now is the time to turn to the doctor. Dogs have a large amount of bacteria in their mouth that can lead to infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotic treatment.
  3. Lastly, if you have not previously received them, your doctor will give you the anti-rabies vaccine. It is very important that you do it if it is an abandoned dog and you do not know its state of health. More is believed to be angry.

If it is a very deep wound or a tear, go immediately to the nearest health center.

After the bite, the

The consequences of a dog’s bite can be several and will depend on the situation and of course :

  • In case you have bitten the dog of a person from the same street, you have the right to make a complaint and can receive compensation for it. You must be responsible and sincere, you can not demand anything if the dog in question was transiting properly (with a strap and muzzle if it is a potentially dangerous dog ) and you decided to approach.
  • If the dog that bit you is a street dog or does not seem to have an owner, the best thing is to call the services of your country in charge of dealing with this situation, civil police, refuges … Do not let it happen again, this endanger other people or even the animal’s life.
  • As a last example we add the dogs of an animal refuge, in this case, when being a volunteer it is assumed that he accepted (in writing) the conditions of the center and without doubt he can not formalize a complaint. You volunteer!

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