What to do if you find an abandoned dog

In Animal Expert we are in solidarity with all those dogs lost or abandoned. If you have found one of them it is crucial that you follow a few steps to try to return the animal to its owners, if possible. Keep reading to find out what to do if you find an abandoned dog on the street.

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Steps to follow if you find a dog on the street

Many people finding an abandoned dog do not know what to do and prefer to act as if nothing happened instead of trying to solve the problem. There are also those people who have misconceptions about the fate of these abandoned dogs and so they prefer not to act and leave the dog right where it is.

What should you do?

  • Approach the dog and be calm , if you try to chase or corner him, the more likely you are to show him your teeth.
  • Get down a little . If the dog sees you too tall you may be afraid.
  • Giving you food is a good way to start a relationship; if you are hungry you will probably accept it without problem.
  • Try to grasp it gently. You can talk to him quietly.
  • To begin with we should go to the vet with the abandoned dog. Only the expert can read the chip that has the owner’s name and contact information. Remember that the veterinarian is required to read the microchip for free .
  • If the animal does not have a chip and prefers to keep it at home while looking for its owners, we recommend that you use free portals or social networks to talk to their owners.
  • Lastly, if staying with him at home is not a viable option we recommend that you go to the animal shelter where volunteers will try to find a home for the dog.

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