What to do if people are afraid of your Pitbull

If you have a Pitbull, you must have heard that they are dangerous dogs that can attack at any moment and things like that. And it is likely that family and friends were the first to tell you these things. In YourCatCareguide we know that this happens.

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If your Pitbull is properly socialized, if you’ve had the job of training him correctly, have perfect control over him, and think he’s less dangerous than a dead fly, he may have felt like laughing at all these things about his dog .

But have you ever thought about why they say that Pitbull dogs are aggressive and dangerous? In this article we will explain to you what to do if people are afraid of your Pitbull .

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What they actually try to tell you

Most of the time, people who say this sort of thing about a Pitbull (or any other dog) are actually saying something like this: “I’m afraid of your Pitbull. Please control it.”

There are people who are simply afraid of dogs . It is not about people who hate animals and also about whether or not they have reason to be afraid of the dog because they have the right to feel safe in public spaces and when they visit him at home.

So if you have a copy of this breed, it is good that you act properly when it comes to showing people that your dog is not dangerous. This is not enough to try to convince others that your fear has no basis, but to act with respect to the feelings of others by showing that your dog and you behave well.

It is good to explain that not all Pitbulls are dangerous and that their character depends on genetics, socialization, training and reproductive status. Show that you know the dog’s background and particularly this breed, can help generate security in others , but also have to do other things.

Do not forget …

In addition to the fear created due to Pitbull’s bad image, it is true that they are powerful and active dogs that can cause fear when they are out of control or appear to be. Therefore, it is normal for many people to be afraid if they encounter a Pitbull running without a guide in public spaces. The same can happen with dogs of other breeds, do not forget that.

Taking your dog to guided public spaces is very important. Pitbulls are considered potentially dangerous dogs in some countries, so they should use guide and muzzle in public spaces. You can release your dog in places that are allowed and where it does not cause fear to other people.

Do not introduce your dog to those who do not want to meet him.

Another important aspect is not forcing others to accept your dog . This does not mean that you have to close your poor dog every time you have visitors at home, but make sure you are not always close to your visits and on top of them. This is not necessary if you have visitors who like dogs, especially Pitbull.

Unless you are a truly important person in your life such as your partner, family member or close friend, it is not necessary for everyone to know your dog or are happy to have you around.

Social relations

Finally, let’s talk about two situations that usually make people very nervous. When there is a Pitbull and also other dogs or children present . Strangely, the same is not true when the dog is a large white Golden Retriever.

In these cases, the best you can do is to have your dog stuck with a tab until you prove that the situation is under control and that your dog relates correctly to everyone else. Be sure to go to areas for dogs, where they may be without a guide. The important thing is to use the muzzle to prevent any fine or bad reaction. If people are afraid of your Pitbull, they will feel safer knowing you are a responsible owner.

On the other hand, you will best represent this breed if you act carefully and respect the right of others to be afraid of a dog they do not know.

The only way to change the negative image of the Pitbull and to show that it is actually a dog rather than a monster is to show that Pitbull dog owners are empathetic people who are considerate of others.

Although the title and content of the article refer only to Pitbull, all that has been said is valid for all other dogs . An important part of knowing how to live with our pets is to know how to live with other humans as well.

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