What to do if my dog ​​cries at night

Have you had a puppy at home recently or are you planning on adopting one? So the first thing you should know is that the puppies are separated from their mother between the first 2 and 3 months of life, when they are weaned and when they begin to eat alone. Although sometimes it is customary to separate them before, in the wrong way.

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It is natural that in the first days of separation, both from his mother and perhaps from his brothers and father, the puppy is uneasy, insecure, anxious, etc. This is usually reflected in long nights of crying , moaning and barking that will not let you rest, because no one likes to see your puppy like that. You should spend a period of adjustment, usually for a week or so, until you get used to your new environment and quieter at night. However, it is also true that a puppy for crying at night for more reasons. It is critical to determine the cause to solve the problem that troubles our puppy. Also, it is equally important that from day one start to educate you and help you in your adaptation.

To help you, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain to you what to do if your dog cries at night . Read on for possible reasons that may make your puppy cry at night and know how it can help.

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Steps to follow:

When you notice that your little furry does not sleep, complain, cry and even barks, the first thing you should do is make sure it is not due to aches or health problems . If you believe it may be for health, you will need to take it to the vet and explain what happens so that the veterinarian can guide you at that time to relieve your discomfort.

It may also happen that your bed or house is located in a place where it is very cold or hot , or you hear a lot of noise. What you can do is make sure the temperature is right for your puppy, that is, it is pleasant for you and even a little warmer, and try not to make too many noises coming from the street or from the neighbors. If there is too much noise for your dog to rest, you can close the windows, offer him a little house instead of an open bed, or change the sleeping place.

Although the above reasons are often the most common, there are other reasons that can lead a puppy to cry at night. These may be overeating , so you should give him dinner an hour before going to sleep and not much quantity. Also it can be a lack of exercise during the day, if you are not really tired and conserve a lot of energy, it will hardly sleep, so try to tire it enough before you lie down. You should start getting used to a daily routine that gives you everything you need and should know the care of puppies .

Once you have covered the needs we are talking about and being sure that the puppy’s crying and barking are not due to health problems, temperature, noise, too much food or lack of exercise and routine, then you may think that it is simply the process of adaptation to their new life .

As we have already mentioned, he does not understand why he is no longer with his mother. So you must help him to understand that he is safe with us, to care for him with affection and with nothing lacking on our part. This can only be achieved with patience, time and positive reinforcement. It usually takes at least a week to start to feel comfortable and calm at night. Next, let’s show you a few things you can do to keep your puppy from crying to the process, making this process easier and quieter.

It will be good to take the little one home for the first time in the morning, so you will have more hours to discover your new home and start getting used to it, which you will not be able to do if you take it home at night.

Something very important that he must fulfill is not comforting him every time he cries . If you do, you will relate that crying immediately catches your attention and from there you will do so when you want something of yourself. We know it is difficult, but it is better to let him cry a little to see that nothing really bad or bad happens to him. Also, do not let him climb onto the couch or bed to comfort him. If you do, then it will be harder for him to understand that he can not go up to these places any time he wants.

Make sure that your bed or house is suitable for him, is well located in the house and has toys to bite and entertain himself until he falls asleep.

You can leave him some T – shirt of yours , so that you will get used to your smell and also help you relax. Besides, if you have the opportunity, it would be good to use some of your mother’s scent . An example of this could be a piece of the towel or blanket your mother had on the bed she raised her puppies in.

Another of the techniques you can do to prevent your puppy from crying at night is to warm your bed before going to sleep. You can use a hair dryer or put a hot water bottle under the blanket or bed, preventing the dog from having direct contact so as not to burn. This will reassure him, for until now he was accustomed to sleeping accompanying, with the warmth of his mother and brothers.

It is not very advisable to use an electric blanket, since care must be taken to prevent the dog from electrocuting or burning, it is best to use the hot water bottle covered with a blanket or a towel.

It is advisable to place an analog clock near your bed or house . If you can, it’s best to put it under the bed or blanket to hear it closer. Upon hearing the tick tick of the watch, the dog will associate it with the beating of his mother’s heart. This steady pace will help you reassure and feel more comfortable.

If even with everything the situation continues, nothing works and continue not knowing what to do for your puppy to stop crying at night, you can talk to your veterinarian to prescribe some pheromone medication . There are in different formats such as diffusers, which should be placed as close to the dog’s bed as possible, or there are also collars. They usually have an effect that lasts several weeks. This scent we do not notice will remind you of your mother and calm you down.

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