What should I do if my dog ​​attacks another dog

Nowadays, many people misrepresent the dominance of their dogs with the violent attitudes they develop during the ride. The dog that uses the aggressiveness of the same species has a serious problem, and this affects you directly, as its owner. It can be insecurity or incorrect socialization in most cases.

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It is true that not all dogs get along with each other, there may always be small fights especially if there is food in the middle, although still the natural behavior of your dog should be friendly and curious, as a rule. In the following article by YourCatCareguide we will explain what to do if your dog attacks another dog .

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The safety of your dog and that of others

The fault of this behavior is nobody’s, so far. Understanding the nature of the dog is key in this case to find the key and solve the problem.

We recommend that you urgently refer a dog trainer to treat aggressive behavior. It is important that you do this, otherwise this can have serious consequences if your dog ends up biting violently another, resulting in injuries and a lack of care of fierce animals. And you may even have to compensate or cover the medical expenses of the wholesale dog or pay a fine, depending on which country you are in.

Some advice for the safety of your dog and others are:

  • Do not let your dog get close to others, in the face of a bad impression it is better to follow our path as if it were nothing.
  • The ride should be a dog owner’s thing, pay attention to it, play with it and take it next to you with the short leash.
  • If you are afraid that you might get to bite another dog, or if it happened earlier, it is important that you use a muzzle.
  • Take out liability insurance for your pet. Having insurance allows you to be covered in case you have to give compensation, and in addition you can enjoy discounts at the veterinary services depending on the insurance you hire.
  • Having your immunization schedule up-to-date is critical to preventing illness if bitten or bitten.
  • Chip and flat iron with updated contacts. This is a very important factor, because faced with a situation of stress as serious as it can be a fight, the dog can feel distressed and try to escape. Protect it from getting lost.

What can lead your dog to attack other dogs

First of all, we emphasize the importance of using a dog trainer or an ethologist, as the dog’s overly aggressive behavior with other dogs may be for many reasons that we are not always able to identify. Only a specialist will be able to deal more effectively with the problem our dog may have.

  • The dog can suffer from stress which causes aggression and accumulated tension. Does your dog comply with the 5 freedoms? Try to get your pet to the highest degree of well-being possible.
  • If you do not comply with your physical and mental requirements, your puppy may suffer from an excess of activity that ends up exploding in attempts at aggression with other dogs.
  • Some animals may be afraid of other dogs . Some may demonstrate it by communicating through barks and others may hide, it will depend on the personality of each.
  • The lack of socialization usually occurs especially in dogs that have not had an adequate puppy phase. They have not learned to relate to being separated from their parents and siblings, so they do not know how to communicate with other pets.
  • In some cases it may happen that two animals misbehave , it is completely understandable and natural, as it can happen to us with other people.
  • Diseases of all kinds : In addition to the previous causes, the attempt of a dog to attack another may be due to some type of illness that needs to be treated. Only a specialist can certify this problem.

Preventing and Preventing Anger

As inexperienced owners it is important that we leave the work of our mascot’s behavior to an expert , since we do not know for sure the cause of his attitude and some techniques could worsen his condition. To do this, we give you some basic advice that will allow you to avoid and prevent possible aggression:

  • Try to walk with him in relaxed surroundings and free of other pets, you can do it for example in the first hour or the last of the day. In this way, you will enjoy much more of the ride together.
  • Exercise with your pet, this way you will be happier and stress-free.
  • Let him smell the soil, the plants and the traces he finds, this fosters the tranquility and relaxation of the dog as well as his perception of the environment.
  • Congratulate him and reward him whenever he behaves positively, pleasantly and peacefully, at home, too.
  • You can try to relate occasionally with quiet dogs, always using a strap and muzzle. It should not force you and in a stressful situation, it is best to leave quickly.
  • Do not permeate or congratulate negative behavior.
  • Try to make them pay attention during the tour. This should be an activity shared between both.
  • Over-protection at the time of the aggression is a serious mistake. Do not ever pick him up or give him food. At this point you should act “NO” firmly and continue with the ride as if nothing had happened.
  • Avoid hitting, bruising or using any punishment technique, this can negatively affect the dog’s behavior and may even lead to serious trauma.
  • The dog you are trying to attack can redirect your anger to you unintentionally and mark your leg with a good nibble in the face of a very serious situation. Although you do it inadvertently, it is a problem that tells us that we should turn to a specialist as soon as possible. If this happens, we recommend that you raise your forelegs slightly off the ground, but not drop it, to disrupt your attention, but it is important that you do this only in the face of uncontrollable and extremely aggressive behavior. Doing this will cause your brain to momentarily disconnect from the conflict. Use this technique only if you fear for your own safety . In addition, to avoid the machique, you can use special harnesses for dogs as well as suitable muzzles.

There is always a solution to the problem, and there are no dogs too old or bad dogs, only humans who do not understand their behavior or the causes that cause them to have a certain attitude. Now that you are informed you can use these techniques to solve the problem, but remember that it is crucial that you go to a dog specialist because this type of behavior is highly problematic and negative and can lead to very serious consequences for both.

First aid

Finally, we added this section so that in the event of a fight you can give your dog the first aid :

  • Skin Injuries : Take your dog to a quieter area and prevent it from moving. Wash the wound with clean water and soap or hydrogen peroxide, then press on it with a gauze or clean cloth if you have, to avoid bleeding (do not use elastic gauze or try a tourniquet). Go to a veterinarian urgently, they will prescribe an antiseptic.
  • Injury to the eyes : Do not let the dog scratch, try to wash your eyes with clean, warm water. If it is a serious wound, cover it with a gauze or a damp cloth. Take it to the vet urgently.

Remember that any bite from another dog can be serious because of the risk of infection and the transmission of diseases . The specialist will solve this problem more effectively.

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