What is the kangaroo purse for?

The term kangaroo actually encompasses different species of the marsupial subfamily, which have important characteristics in common. Among all the species we can highlight the red kangaroo, since it is the largest marsupial that exists today, with 1.5 meters in height and 85 kilos of body weight, in the case of males.

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The different species of kangaroo inhabit Oceanic and have become the most representative animals of Australia. In them they emphasize their powerful hind legs as well as their long and muscular tail, through which they can move with surprising jumps.

Another characteristic trait of these animals and that arouses a great curiosity is the bag that they have in their ventral area. So in this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain to you what the kangaroo purse is for .

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What is the marsupial?

The marsupial is what is popularly known as a kangaroo purse and is a fold in the skin of this animal that is only present in females as it covers their breasts forming an epidermal pouch that functions as an incubator.

It is a duplication of the skin that is located on the outer ventral wall and as we will see next, is directly linked with the creation of the kangaroo’s offspring .

What is the marsupial for?

The females stop the baby practically when it is still embryonic, between the 31 and the 36 days of gestation approximately. The kangaroo kennel has only developed arms and thanks to them can move from the vagina to the marsupial.

The kangaroo’s breeding will remain in the pouch for approximately 8 months but for 6 months it will periodically go to the marsupary to continue feeding.

We can define the functions of the kangaroo bag as follows :

  • It functions as an incubator and allows the total evolution of the organism of the baby.
  • Allows the female to breastfeed her baby.
  • Already when the chicks have developed properly, the kangaroos carry them on the marsupial to defend them from the threat of different predators.

As already must have observed this anatomical structure in female kangaroos is not arbitrary, obeys the peculiarities of the brief gestation of the young.

The kangaroo, a species in danger of extinction

Unfortunately, the three main species of kangaroos (red kangaroo, eastern gray and western gray) are in danger of extinction due mainly to the effects of global warming , which far from being an abstract concept is a threatening reality for our planet and its biodiversity .

An increase of two degrees centigrade could have a devastating effect on the kangaroo population, and according to various statistics and studies it is estimated that this increase in temperature could occur in the year 2030 and would reduce the range of kangaroos by about 89% .

As always, the care of the environment is essential to maintain the biodiversity of our planet.

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