What is the dog’s pedigree?

Many people claim that their dogs have pedigree and are proud of it, but, do you know what it really means? What purpose does the pedigree have? How do you do it?

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In this article of Animal Expert we clarify your doubts so you know what the pedigree means in dogs .

The pedigree certifies that a dog has only ancestors of its breed, certifies its “blood purity” and therefore rejects those dogs that have parents of different races, however beautiful they may be. At least we speak of 3 generations without crosses.

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How to get the pedigree

A pedigree of a dog is found in the genealogical books and in order to have access to them, you should contact the association or society where your data is available.

If you do not have this information you can also use a sample of your dog’s DNA for analysis. Once verified, you will get a certificate issued by the association that will certify that your dog has a pedigree. The cost of this procedure may vary depending on the association where you travel.

The importance of the pedigree

The pedigree is important if we want to present our dog in a beauty contest or canine morphology. This is undoubtedly the only advantage it has.

But … did you know that having a pedigree can also have disadvantages?

Effectively, dogs that have a pedigree are crossed by breeders several times between relatives to achieve the desired morphology. Although this process allows us to fine-tune the desired morphological features, we find many drawbacks: reduced longevity, the appearance of degenerative diseases, genetic mutations, etc.

Regardless of the previous question, in the Expert Animal we also want to reaffirm that there are breeders of dogs (most) who make their creations and development of the breed with all the love and affection that is necessary, always using the best technology and knowledge to do so. We can not and do not want to say that you should not opt ​​for a purebred dog. Breed dogs have advantages and disadvantages as well as mutts.

What we want to make clear is that the Animal Expert is totally in favor of adopting animals. We remind you that there are thousands of animals for adoption around the world and even dogs of breed. Whatever your decision, remember to give it all the love and love that your dog deserves from you!

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