What is canicross?

There is nothing better than sharing daily activities with your dog to strengthen your relationship, so today in YourCatCareguide we want to tell you aboutcanicross , a sport that consists of running along with your dog joined with a harness for him, a belt for you and a cushioned guide that ties them together.

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In addition to being super healthy for both and receiving all the benefits of running, canicross attaches it to your pet and facilitates communication between both. Find out what you need to know to practice canicross and practice this sport with your dog.

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What does it consist in?

There are canicross competitions although you can also practice it yourself in forests, trails and paths.

We talk about a sporting modality in which the owner and the dog run together , practicing physical exercise. The dog should be clinging to its owner’s waist with a special anti-tug harness and a specific canicross belt (usually quite long) that will be placed at the owner’s waist to control the speed of the dog.

The traditional guides do not fit, it is a specific equipment that protects the dog and the owner of the four-legged companion’s tugs.

What do you need

It is essential to have the specific equipment to practice this sport, otherwise we could suffer an injury, both the dog and the owner. The complete canicross set includes:

  • Belt for the aisle
  • Harness for the dog (not the same harness as the ride)
  • A cushioned guide

Besides these basic elements for the sport you should take into account that:

  • The dog must have more than one year, have had veterinary control and be in perfect physical shape.
  • You can not participate in a competition with aggressive dogs that can put other runners at risk, use the muzzle if necessary.
  • The owner can never go ahead of the dog.

Can I practice canicross with my dog?

Before you start practicing this sport remember that you must comply with the age and health requirements mentioned above.

At the start we can participate with any dog ​​able to run regularly , however and of course, there are breeds of dogs with a better predisposition than others for races. In this aspect should use common sense and not use for the canicross dogs such as the Pug, since they generally have breathing difficulties. Dogs that are fit for canicross can be of any type, we do not just talk about the Siberian Husky or the Alaskan Malamute.

Before participating in a competition, you will need to train with your dog in parks or areas that are ideal for this. The improvement in the dog’s race also occurs gradually, in a similar way to the one we adopted.

Training routine

There are several modalities within the canicross, however the most usual is to practice this activity on terra firma although there are other categories, such as in the snow.

The course is usually between 5 and 10 km , however this may vary depending on the rules of the organizing federation. In this type of events the attention and care of the dog is considered fundamental, the classification is often secondary.

People who dedicate themselves to compete in canicross professionally do so from the most absolute and profound respect with the animal, thus there are some forbidden things, such as the dog running with the harness behind the man and also any kind of mistreatment

Lastly, it is advisable to go to the vet with your dog to confirm that your health and physical availability to run in such conditions are ideal.

Canicross competition

Canicross is still a little known practice in Brazil, but has been gaining more and more popularity. Therefore, it may be that you have some difficulty in finding the necessary equipment for sale in the national market. Maybe it’s best to go online. In addition, a Brazilian Federation of Canicross is already being created so that the activity gains more visibility in the country.

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