What is the best muzzle for my dog?

Properly choosing the muzzle that your dog will use is critical for him to adapt to it properly and be willing to use it without showing stress or anxiety. In some cases, especially in dogs that must use it by law, it will be very important to choose it properly.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we give you some basic tips to know which is the best muzzle for your dogand some basic advice for its use. We will also explain to you what you should not use under any circumstances.

Read on to learn more about muzzles and their use.

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When should you use the muzzle?

The muzzle is imperative by law in the breeds of dogs considered as potentially dangerous dogs. It can also be of great help if our dog reacts with children, people or other dogs. Your safety and that of others is important in an urban environment.

You should avoid using dressing methods that include the muzzle as punishment or to treat serious behavioral problems (separation anxiety for example). In these cases you should consult a professional.

Fabric or nylon muzzle

These muzzles are usually made of mostly nylon. At first glance seem to be more comfortable and beautiful than other models, but the truth is that regular use and for too long followed is not recommended.

Unlike the others, the fabric muzzle does not allow the dog to pant (thus relieving its heat) nor to drink water thereby increasing tension and discomfort causing stress on the dog . Also allows the dog to eat or bark if need be.

Avoid using this muzzle if you are exercising with your dog or any activity that is prolonged and lasting. It is best to opt for the next model.

Basket or Grill Muzzle

This is undoubtedly the most appropriate muzzle for the dog and we can find it in a great diversity of shapes, sizes and materials. Unlike the last muzzle, with this our dog will be able to pant, eat and drink . This is essential if the use of the muzzle is regular, it will also allow us to get used more quickly.

Dressage or walking muzzle

These muzzles do not deprive the dog of freedom of movement with the mouth and should always be accompanied by a strap. They are generally used to catch the dog’s attention with slight tugs on the strap . Only experienced people should use it since it is an element that if misused can be uncomfortable for the dog. The use of this type of muzzle must always be supervised.

If your dog pulls too much and can not control well during the walk, we recommend that you consult our advice to prevent the dog from pulling the tab . By following some basic tricks of animal welfare and by purchasing an anti-tug collar we will have more than half of the work done.

Specials for dogs

As you may know, dogs like Boxer, Pug, Shar Pei, Dogue de Bordeaux or English Bulldog (among others) have a special muzzle: shorter and flattened . Sometimes this form can cause respiratory problems which, together with the use of an inadequate muzzle, can be harmful to your health.

You will find for sale right type muzzles or lace, specific for these breeds that are susceptible to heavy breathing. If your dog is within this classification, do not hesitate to consult a professional to know what the best muzzle for it.

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How to choose the best muzzle for your dog

As we have explained, the best muzzle is undoubtedly the one of basket since it allows the dog to gasp, drink water and allow us to offer treats to our dog. It is certainly the safest. However, when you go to the pet store you can find different models of the same muzzle. To choose the best you should take into account that it is:

  • Resistant
  • Safe
  • Of Quality
  • Good materials
  • Appropriate

When NOT to use muzzle

It is fundamental that you understand that the muzzle is a tool that offers us safety in the walks and should never be used in the following contexts:

  • When the dog is very uncomfortable.
  • Method of punishment.
  • When you are not sure of its efficiency.
  • Only in certain cases (such as a trip to the veterinarian).
  • Too long followed
  • To treat separation anxiety
  • No supervision

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